Foods That Will Give You A Scare

Spicy rabbit head, deep fried tarantula, or cobra's heart are among the many choices at the Disgusting Foods Museum in Sweden - what will you have
Spicy rabbit head at the Disgusting Foods Museum
Spicy rabbit head at the Disgusting Foods Museum

Deep fried tarantula, the bull&rsquos penis, roasted guinea pigs are among the many delicacies on display at newly opened Disgusting Foods Museum in Sweden. The exhibit, which has been put up in an old slaughterhouse in the Swedish south-side city of Malmo, will be there till the 27 of January before onto another country.

Presenting each of its visitors with a vomit bag upon entry, the museum will either invigorate your sense providing some fascinating entertainment or will force to squirm and vomit uncontrollably. With unusually created dishes decorating the museum halls, this definitely is not for the faint-hearted. Also, a fair bit of warning - avoid coming here before you go for a hearty meal with your family &ndash because otherwise, your food might not leave your plate at all.

For all those who aren&rsquot disgusted and looking for ways to further elevate their experience, you can try out many of these dishes which happen to be freshly prepared. Museum staffs are there to make sure that even those who can&rsquot bear the disgust atleast try one cuisine. There are some cuisines though that are off-limit. 

Your choices are varied &ndash from maggot-infested cheese to pungent bean curd for those vegetarians to sheep eyeball juice or a cobra&rsquos heart and even spicy rabbit heads &ndash the choices are never-ending. Do visit this museum if you have a thing for the extremes and please keep the faint-hearted loved ones at home no matter how much they insist on coming with you.

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