Quarantine Greenhouses Luxury Dining in the New Normal World

A Dutch restaurant has come up with a novel way to dine for those who want to maintain social distancing from others
Amsterdam during twilight
Amsterdam during twilight

With the pandemic crisis enforcing a new world order and lifestyle changes, social distancing and protection against infection are of prime importance. A bar and restaurant in Amsterdam (Netherlands) has come up with a timely design for seating guests who seek social distancing without compromising on the style factor.

Mediamatic Eten (part of the Mediamatic Biotoop Centre), which is scheduled to open their renovated main restaurant soon, has come up with a unique idea of Serres S&eacuteppar&eacutees. Called &lsquoquarantine greenhouses&rsquo, these transparent cubicles overlooking the Oosterdok waterside of Amsterdam will offer a chance of intimate candle-lit dinners while maintaining social distancing from other diners. The quarantine greenhouses are for guests who want to reconnect, with the outside world at their own leisure, the company said in an Instagram post.

Before opening for the public, the restaurant has been running trial services with families and friends of staff to ensure they offer a safe yet friendly environment for their patrons.

Waiters, dressed in protective clothing, with face coverings and gloves, will serve the food on long planks. The planks will be thoroughly scrubbed after every service. While using cutlery will be optional, guests will be offered a plant-based four course menu to choose from.

This new dining experience will be available from May 21. Guest will have to pre-book their date and time slot. While the restaurant has started accepting bookings, they also said the opening depends on permission from local and national authorities. Tickets will be refunded in case permission is not granted. According to local media reports, restaurants in Netherlands are closed till May 19 but takeaway is allowed.

Meanwhile, we hear that all dining slots for the quarantine greenhouse through June have been booked.

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