Did You Know About Icelands Latest Geothermal Lagoon

With an in-lagoon bar, sauna and views of the Northern Lights, Iceland's latest offering is unique in all aspects
Representative Image One of the most frequently visited geothermal pools in Iceland
Representative Image One of the most frequently visited geothermal pools in Iceland

As mainstream as it may be, Iceland has been on our bucket lists forever. And with the recent announcement of the opening of a new &lsquoSky Lagoon&rsquo, we can&rsquot wait to get back in the wild. Giving the iconic Blue Lagoon some stiff competition, Reykjavik is all set to get a new geothermal lagoon in spring 2021. 

The new lagoon is expected to have an oceanfront, a swim-up bar, infinity edge, views of the Atlantic Ocean and you can even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

The 230 feet infinity pool will be located in K&aacutersnes Harbour, just a few minutes away from Reykajavik&rsquos vibrant city centre. The project has been unveiled by the travel company Pursuit, which also runs Columbia Icefield Skywalk, a glass observation deck perched on top of glaciers in the Canadian Rockies. As per reports by Time Out, the company called this new addition &lsquoa remarkable geothermal lagoon experience along one of Iceland&rsquos most stunning oceanfront locations.&rsquo 

The rejuvenating and relaxing retreat, situated against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, will enable guests to connect with mind, body and spirit through the radiant powers of geothermal waters while taking in impressive ocean views. The multi-sensory oasis will feature an ocean-side infinity-edge design in addition to cold pool and sauna experiences The design elements are inspired by the Icelandic culture and Iceland's cinematic landscape, with an aim to blend in with the natural surroundings.

Iceland recently re-opened its borders after closing its gates for nearly three months owing to the global coronavirus pandemic.

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