Devka Seafront To Be Transformed Into A Tent City

Devka Seafront has been revamped to revive and boost tourism in Daman
Devka Seafront To Be Transformed Into A Tent City
Devka Seafront To Be Transformed Into A Tent City

The Devka Seafront in Daman is set to become a new tourism centre with plans for a tent city underway. The picturesque location is already a popular destination for tourists, and the new initiative is expected to attract even more visitors. Accordingly, The Seafront has been given a makeover and now boasts world-class facilities such as smart lighting, parking, gardens, food stalls, and recreational areas. The tent city will provide tourists with a unique and immersive experience, with facilities such as restaurants, bars, and recreational activities planned for the site. The development of the tent city is being undertaken by the Daman Tourism Department and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

At a cost of INR 165 crore, the 5.45 km Seafront has been transformed into a world-class tourist destination. It boasts smart lighting, parking facilities, gardens, food stalls, recreational areas, and more, making it a unique coastal promenade in the country. As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi, its completion is expected to boost the local economy and attract more tourists to the region.

Luzury Revamp 

Luxury tent accommodation will be available in the new tent city on the beach. PM Modi further highlighted Daman, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli's potential as tourist destinations and mentioned that these NaMo Path seafronts would be a boost to tourism. The Daman Tourism Department is also working to promote the area as a wedding destination, with plans to develop a wedding plaza and a convention centre. These initiatives are aimed at tapping into the growing wedding tourism market and positioning Daman as a premier destination for weddings and events.

The Devka Seafront is located in the Union Territory of Daman and Diu, and the area has a rich cultural heritage that is sure to attract tourists. The Seafront has several popular beaches, and there are also a number of historical and religious sites in the area that are worth visiting.

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