Goa All Set To Host The G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting

Goa will host the G20 Tourism Working Group and Ministerial Meetings, where representatives from G20 nations and guests will address crucial matters and establish guidelines for sustainable tourism
Goa All Set To Host The G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting
Goa All Set To Host The G20 Tourism Working Group Meeting

Goa, a picturesque coastal state known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, is set to host the highly anticipated G20 Tourism Working Group (TWG) Meeting and the G20 Tourism Ministerial Meeting. From June 19 to 22, these gatherings will bring delegates from G20 member countries and invited nations to discuss critical issues and chart a path towards sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

Under India's G20 Presidency, the focus on sustainable tourism is paramount. Recognizing the urgent need to address environmental concerns and promote responsible travel, the meetings will showcase innovative approaches and strategies to drive positive change in the tourism industry. Among the prominent side events, two critical topics will take centre stage&ndashcruise tourism and the circular economy of plastics.

Identifying the Challenges and Opportunities of Global Cruise Tourism
To position cruise tourism as a sustainable and responsible travel model, a dedicated side event titled "Making Cruise Tourism a Model for Sustainable and Responsible Travel" will gather experts, industry stakeholders, and representatives from participating countries. This event will delve into the challenges and opportunities associated with the global growth of cruise tourism, shedding light on country-specific policies and initiatives that contribute to its sustainable development.

Parallel to the TWG meeting, another significant side event will focus on making India a hub for cruise tourism. The event will bring together key stakeholders, representatives from various states and Union territories, and national and international experts to discuss strategies that promote India as an attractive and sustainable destination for cruise tourism. These discussions will pave the way for the industry's growth and development, harnessing its potential to drive economic prosperity while ensuring environmental responsibility.

Recognising The Need To Address Plastic Waste

In line with the global movement towards reducing plastic waste, the Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), will organize an important side event titled "Towards a Circular Economy of Plastics in Tourism&ndashthe Global Tourism Plastics Initiative." This event will emphasize the importance of transitioning to a circular economy model for plastics within the tourism sector, aiming to address environmental concerns and promote responsible plastic usage.

The G20 meetings in Goa also offer a platform for public-private dialogue, highlighting the significance of travel and tourism to the G20 economies. Co-organized by the Ministry of Tourism, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), and the UNWTO, this dialogue will foster discussions on sustainable growth and collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive positive change in the tourism industry.

Amidst the engaging discussions and meetings, delegates will have the opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of Goa through various cultural programs and visits to local attractions. These activities will provide a deeper understanding of Goa's vibrant traditions and showcase the region's captivating charm to international delegates.

The G20 meetings in Goa mark an essential milestone in the global pursuit of sustainable tourism. With an unwavering commitment to responsible travel, the discussions and initiatives undertaken during these meetings will contribute to the Goa Roadmap and Action Plan, driving the tourism sector towards achieving the sustainable development goals set for 2030.

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