Contents Of King Tut's Tomb To Be Displayed At The Grand Egyptian Museum

Brush up on Egyptian history at the museum with their guided tours starting in 2020
The interiors of the Grand Egyptian Museum
The interiors of the Grand Egyptian Museum

No, this isn&rsquot some pyramid scheme to lure you to Giza. If you can afford it, it&rsquos probably the tour of a lifetime. For $250 (INR 18,000), the Grand Egyptian Museum near Cairo is offering guided, crowdless tours of its 100,00-strong collection on Ancient Egypt, as well as its artifact restoration lab. We mention crowdless, as the complex expects to draw a massive eight million visitors on opening in 2020. With tight security&mdashand absolutely no touching&mdashthis exclusive, four-hour preview also covers what's expected to be the main draw the full contents of King Tut's tomb, laid out as Howard Carter first discovered it in 1922. Consider packing in the experience with a tour of Cairo's best the Great Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure lie just two kilometres away from this archaeological marvel. For bookings, contact the museum directly at

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