Speed Your Way Across China Under Water

Always thought tunnels were cool Well, they've just been taken ten notches higher
China announces building of undersea tunnel
China announces building of undersea tunnel

Travel across the one of the world&rsquos largest country faster than ever before. China has planned to build an underwater tunnel for high-speed trains connecting two cities located in the eastern province of Zhejiang. The trains will run at a blistering speed of 250 km per hour. The upcoming undersea tunnel is said to reduce the travel time from 90 minutes to a mere 30 minutes. 

The tunnel is expected to be over 16 km long linking Ningbo city with Zhoushan - an island city in east Zhejiang. This island city was one of the first few provinces in China to build high-speed rail. Furthermore, the Chinese high-speed rail lines already cover near 25,000 km of the area making journeying across the various regions of the nation much easier.

With optimism that this will provide a boost in tourism in the country, China is rapidly improving and developing its existing rail infrastructure in hope that it brings systematic economic progress. Such is the unstoppable progress of the rail that the fastest train in the world is the Shanghai Maglev running at a speed of up to 350 km per hour. 

Presently, these trains link important Chinese cities like the capital Beijing with the New York of the East, Shanghai. Exploring the towering city of Hong Kong has never been easier. The bustling metropolitan is also connected to the Chinese mainland through these high-speed rails making travelling around different parts of the nation so much more convenient. 

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