Chile Opens For Tourists Top Things To Do Here

The South American nation on May 9 lifted its travel restrictions
Chile's capital Santiago, Photo Credit Shutterstock
Chile's capital Santiago, Photo Credit Shutterstock

To all book enthusiasts and adventure seekers, the land of poets is now open for visitors from worldwide. Chile, on May 9, lifted border restrictions, with tourists no longer required to produce vaccination certificates or negative RT-PCR test report at the airport. The Latin American nation boasts a remarkable literary heritage. It has given birth to Nobel Laureates like Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, and Nicanor Parra. But there is more to this literary land. Choose Chile for your next international holiday to experience its sprawling salt flats and glistening glaciers. Here's what you can experience here

The Atacama Desert houses a significant portion, about two-thirds, of the global ground-based astronomy infrastructure. It attracts scientists from Europe, Asia, and North America who come here to work with advanced telescopes. But it's not just limited to experts. You, too, can immerse yourself in the mesmerizing expanse of stars under this stunning celestial dome. The Elqui Valley and San Pedro de Atacama offer specialized hotels and observatories catering to astro-tourism. 

Savour the best wines 
The picturesque nation is renowned for its exceptional wineries. Its finest bottles are often kept within its borders, offering an exclusive experience for wine enthusiasts. One can visit the stunning vineyards near Santiago to savour the best wine moments. Colchagua Valley, located three hours south of the capital, is the perfect place to indulge in robust red wines, mainly the renowned Carmenere grape, Chile's signature varietal. For those seeking crisp Sauvignon Blancs, the Casablanca Valley is the go-to region just an hour west of the capital.

Go skiing in the Andes
Skilled skiers and snowboarders from the Northern Hemisphere migrate to Chile during winter to train at numerous resorts in the Central Andes. Join them at acclaimed high-altitude destinations like Valle Nevado and Ski Portillo, located near Santiago. 

Take funiculars in Valparaiso
Valpara&iacuteso, situated west of Santiago, was once a thriving port city in the Americas. Today, it preserves its nostalgic charm through 16 funiculars that connect downtown with the 42 hills. These ageing yet enchanting structures serve as a reminder of the city's glorious past. Ascensor El Peral and Ascensor Concepci&oacuten, among the oldest funiculars in Chile, lead to expansive promenades offering soothing views. For a delightful culinary experience, take the Ascensor Reina Victoria to reach the hilltop restaurants of Paseo Dimalow.  

Go on volcanic treks
With at least 2000 volcanoes and around a quarter potentially active, including the highest volcano in the world, Ojos del Salado, Chile is a volcanic hub. Climbing a volcano, active or otherwise, is the highlight of many trips to Chile. An expedition to the top of Ojos del Salado is a gruelling but worthy experience once you reach the summit. Other cones include Volc&aacuten Villarrica near Puc&oacuten and Volc&aacuten L&aacutescar near San Pedro de Atacama. 

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