Childrens Messages for Santa Look a Little Different this Year

Childrens wishes in the form of letters to Santa tell a tale of hardships and fading childhood
Operation Santa is a ray of happiness for kids
Operation Santa is a ray of happiness for kids

The pandemic has changed the way humans live. Kids are among the demographic which has been the most affected. They cannot quite fathom why&nbspeveryone's indoors, there's no school, play, or travel of any kind.&nbspTheir experiences of the pandemic year is reflected in their Christmas wishlists to Santa. 

This festive season, the letters written by children to Santa reflect their wish for having a normal school life again, to be able to meet friends, and visit grandparents on weekends. Yes, 2020 has been a crisis year for all of us, but the little ones have been robbed of their childhood in some way.

Children all over the world have witnessed loss of loved ones, financial crisis at home, people falling sick - all in just less than a year. So holiday wishes are no more about chocolates, candies, toys, dolls and outfits.

Operation Santa has expanded itself nationwide and more than 23,000 letters have already been adopted.

Parents and teachers say that the letters to Santa initiative serves as a channel for children to communicate and express themselves.

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