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Here are some sure-fire tips on healthy eating while vacationing
Blog Fitness On The Go
Blog Fitness On The Go

Every time you holiday, you find yourself indulging in everything from delectable meals to pocket-burning shopping. And why shouldnt you You dont travel every day. However, wouldnt it be nice if you could put a lid on those calories, but without sacrificing all those delectable dishes Nutritionist Karishma Chawla of Eat Rite 24x7 gives some tips on healthy eating while vacationing

> Theres a lot to do on holiday, so you may just end up skipping meals. Dont do that Stick to five meals a day. It keeps metabolism in check.

> Those five-star hotels have exciting breakfast spreads and thats a great opportunity for you to have a complete meal. Go for low-fat milk options, whole-wheat bread and different kinds of cereals.

> Take out an hour to either jog or swim. Nothing better than a run uphill while vacationing at a hill station. Dont worry, the same path goes downhill too. n Do you see that salad and those vegetables lying next to the fried chicken Have a couple of bites.

> Steamed and grilled options are just as tasty as fried options. Except, the former is way healthier.

> Avoid heavy sauces. Relish the flavour of the food dont ruin it with these unnecessary additions.

> Finally, share your dessert.

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