Bibliophiles Kerala Lit Fest Is Back Again

The second largest literature festival in the continent, the fifth edition of the Kerala Literature Festival is to be held in Kozikhode from January 16, 2020
Kerala Literature Festival, 2018
Kerala Literature Festival, 2018

Kerala has off late become the hub for book lovers. Since a number of literary festivals are conducted here throughout the year, the state is attracting throngs of bibliophiles from all over. With the fifth edition of the Kerala Literature Festival coming up soon, the footfall is expected to increase. All set to be held between January 16 to 19, 2020 in Kozikhode, with over four lakh attendees it&rsquos the second largest cultural gathering and the fastest growing literature festival in the continent.

Set along the shores of the Kozhikode beach, the festival provides a platform for readers and writers to come together for inspiration, entertainment and discussion. The event will be graced by eminent speakers like Literary Luminaries, Booker and Oscar awardees, Head of states, Media personalities and many other dignitaries. 

The cultural night at KLF 2020 will present an array of best artists, actors, writers and tinkers to facilitate discussion on literature, art, culture, cinema, dance, music, environment and technology. The line up at KLF also includes several performances ranging from carnatic concerts to those by progrssive rock bands and from Kathakali to classical and Flamenco dance performances.

KLF has witnessed a remarkable growth since its inception. Speakers who&rsquove been part of the previous editions include eminent personalities like Arundhati Roy, Romila Thapar, Ramachandra Guha, Shashi Tharoor, Karan Thapar, Rajdeeep Sardesai and the like. 

In addition to literature, the central theme for KLF 2020 is environment and climate change. While Spain will be the guest nation at this year&rsquos event, the literature in focus will be Tamil. Writer from around 12 nations are expected to be part of KLF. 

With the goal of reaching a wider audience, KLF has been made a public event with no entry fee. The objective is to provide a non-exclusive and open platform for discussion and exchange of ideas and attract readers and writers from a wider demographic. 

Well, if you ask us, books and beach do sound like a plan. Doesn&rsquot it 

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