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Its official A Cartoon Network hotel is in the pipeline
The world of cartoon is all set to come alive
The world of cartoon is all set to come alive

Ever wondered what a sleepover with your favourite cartoon characters would be like Well, now you can live through that experience surrounded by the beloved toon cast. Cartoon Network is all set to trigger the nostalgia feels with its latest venture. The channel in collaboration with Palace Entertainment will be opening a themed hotel in June 2020.

The nine-acre property is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and consists of 165 rooms, each decked up with colorful cartoon characters, ranging from &lsquobreakfast staples&rsquo like Ben 10 and Adventure Time to the iconic hit series like Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Bravo. The rooms will be equipped with themed decor including wall art, bedsheets, cushions etc. The Cartoon Network hotel will also launch family lodging services with branded theming across guest rooms, resort amenities, dining locations and on-site activities. 

The hotel has been designed keeping in view the brand image of Cartoon Network and with an aim to bring to life the fan-favourite series in a never-seen-before manner. The property is adjacent to the Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park, that will offer special admission discounts to the guests of the hotel.

In addition to innovative rooms dedicated to classic cartoon shows, the hotel will also feature &lsquoLand of P&rsquooool&rsquo, an outdoor pool with private cabanas and Cartoon Kitchen, a full-service restaurant that will serve dishes straight out of your all-time favourite shows. 

While the jury is still out on the opening date, the prices are speculated to be fixed at $289/night for standard rooms and $489/night for Dream Suites. 

Well. we don&rsquot know about you, but our summer plans got a lot more exciting

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