Can't Make It To Pune Or Shillong Get All Aboard The NH7 Weekender Express

Switchfoot, Poets of the Fall, Parvaaz, Ritviz and other artists will perform at this year's NH7 Weekender Express. Need we say more
Crowd enjoying themselves at a music festival
Crowd enjoying themselves at a music festival

The ninth edition of BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender and the third for BARACRDI NH7 Weekender Express is on its way to take the festival experience to more cities than ever before. As always, the main NH7 Weekender festival is taking place in Pune and Meghalaya. Those who cannot make it to the main 3-day festival, however, have rather good news in store for them. 6 cities will host the Weekender Express, which is a one-day experience over the course of 3 months. Think of it as a mini Weekender with all of the punch packed into one day.

Kolkata will begin the proceedings on November&nbsp3 & 4, with Lucknow, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mysore and Hyderabad to follow soon afterwards. Whereas, the main BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender will be held in Meghalaya on 2-3 November and in Pune from 7-9 December.

BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender has featured numerous artists from India and around the world and across a variety of genres.&nbspThe Express editions will give fans a taste of the experience offering plenty to look forward to with fantastic acts from India and across the world.  

Aswekeepsearching will take&nbspcentrestage in Kolkata on November 4 along with alternative band Switchfoot and Poets of The&nbspFall, among&nbspothers. Kashmiri origin band Parvaaz will join the fray along with aswekeepsearching and Ankur and The Ghalat Family in Lucknow two weeks later. When Chai Met Toast, Saby Singh and The Local Train, the popular band who delivered the song 'Choo Lo', is set to capture souls in Chandigarh on the 24th of November. Most of these artists are expected to set the stage on fire at the pink city on the New Years' Day while DJ Ritiviz, who gave the viral hit 'Udd Gaye', will make his way to Mysore two weeks later. Hyderabad will see Dualist Inquiry create a fantastic atmosphere on the 19th of January.

The festival has evolved to become one of the country's most beloved musical weekends as thousands of fans and discerning music lovers converge for an unforgettable experience. The tickets for Express Editions are now on sale here

Price @INR 500 for a ticket, @INR 2000 for a season pass in Kolkata

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