Austrian Football Stadium Grows Forest on its Grounds

An art installation by Klaus Littmann, the forest is a temporary attraction as a commentary on climate change and the loss of natural beauty
The temporary forest calls attention to the increasing problems of climate change
The temporary forest calls attention to the increasing problems of climate change

Greenery in a city is now more luxury than fundamental. In a world wrapped in concrete, it takes great effort to draw attention to nature and its conservation. In an attempt to do the same, artist Klaus Littmann has created a stunning nature-inspired installation in Austria&rsquos W&oumlrthersee football stadium. 300 trees are planted on the ground for the audience of 30,000 spectators that the stadium can hold.  

The likes of alder, aspen, hornbeam and common oak are lined onto the pitch to &ldquochallenge our perception of nature and question its future&rdquo and to bring to the fore that nature &ldquomay someday only be found in specially designated spaces&rdquo, according to CNN travel. The idea is very well communicated as the greenery sits amidst the manmade structure of the stadium, lit by artificial lights.

The installation will stay put at the current location from September 8 to October 27, allowing the greenery to attract wildlife and biodiversity organically. Post October, the set up will be shifted to a new location as a living art installation. 

The idea was inspired by Austrian artist Max Peintner&rsquos painting. According to an interview with BBC, Littmann admitted to be simply fascinated by the work and wished to purchase it. However, since the painting was already sold to an American art collection, Littmann instead decided to create his own visualisation in real life, called &lsquoFor Forest- The Unending Attraction of Nature&rsquo. 

Visitors can view the exhibit and marvel at the transformation in the colours, anticipated with the change in the weather. 

The stadium is the home ground to Austrian Football team Austria Klagenfurt, who will be playing their home grounds at Karawankenblick Stadium for the duration.

Where W&oumlrthersee football stadium,&nbspKlagenfurt

When September 8 to October 27

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