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App Watch BookMyForex
App Watch BookMyForex

Foreign exchange is always tricky business. Especially, if you go around asking peoplesomeone advises to exchange currency at the airport, others prefer vendors outside. But then, there are so many options with the former, and with the latter, you really do not know whom to trust. But there is one sure shot way to eliminate all this hasslevisit It functions as an online aggregator, which means that not only can one commission foreign exchange and related services online, but is offered the best rate amongst dozens of vendors affiliated with the website.

BookMyForex is very easy to operatesimply choose your city, type of currency (card/cheque/credit/etc), forex amount, and INR amount and youre good to go. After this, youll have to enter basic details, and then details concerning your travel. The website very conveniently lists all documentation required, fixes up how the notes will be delivered (minimum 5,000 for same day doorstep delivery) and within 5 minutes, you have your foreign exchange figured out. Similarly, you can sell foreign exchange, initiate and complete money transfers, register for travel insurance and even reload and unload your forex card here.

The foreign exchange rates are incredibly reasonable and are updated every three seconds. With all these features, it doesnt make sense to stand in those airport queues. BookMyForex indeed makes things nifty, convenient, and, of course, cheap.

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