Airbus Launches An App Tripset

The pandemic means planning any kind of air travel has become a tad difficult, what with changing rules and flight dates etc.
Airbus Launches An App to Make Air Travel Easier
Airbus Launches An App to Make Air Travel Easier

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we travel, especially if you are planning to book an air ticket. To make it easier for everyone to travel with the new rules of COVID, Airbus has launched an app called Tripset

If you've been keeping tabs on news, you'll know that every destination - domestic and international - is coming up with new rules (which keep changing) while opening their borders for travel,  and it is becoming difficult to keep track of all of them. 

The Tripset app will help in planning by providing the most relevant travel conditions and information about health requirements and restrictions in different destinations. 

&ldquoContinuosly evolving travel restrictions around the world can make passenger&rsquos journey challenging," says an Airbus statement. "Airbus is launching a travel companion application to provide the flying public with up-to-date, real time information in order to ensure a healthy, safe and smooth end to end trip. With two interfaces enabling passengers to know both currently available flights and the destinations to which they can fly. Tripset is airport aircraft and airline agnostic." 

Once a ticket has been purchased, the app also provides passengers with information on what to expect at their departure and arrival destinations.

You can download the app for free on Android / iOS from your regular app store. 

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