All You Need To Know About Recent Volcanic Eruptions Around The World

Several warnings have been issued for immediate evacuation of people around
Recent disastrous volcanic eruptions (Representative Image)
Recent disastrous volcanic eruptions (Representative Image)

In a series of massive volcanic eruptions that have taken place off late, Manila, Philippines seems to be the latest region under the radar. Taal volcano, just a few kilometers to the south of Manila spewed ash and steam, upto 14 kilometers in the early hours of Monday. Authorities have warned of a massive eruption and have urged total evacuation. 

One of the country&rsquos most active volcanoes, the released images showed steam-laden plumes and streams of lava gushing out of the volcanic vent. An alert level of 4 has been raised by the Phillipine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology which indicates that an explosive eruption might take place in the coming hours. Authorities have also warned of a volcanic tsunami that might result from debris shooting out of the volcano and hitting the waters of the surrounding lake. 

According to reports, Shishaldin volcano in Alaska&rsquos Aleutian islands erupted again on 7 January, 2020. The eruptions were first detected by Alaska Volcano Observatory, who have predicted more such occurrences in the immediate future. One of the most active volcanoes in the Aleutian volcanic arc, there have been several episodes of unrest in the region till now. 

Last month&rsquos volcanic eruption in New Zealand&rsquos White Island is one of the most disastrous episodes that have made headlines recently. While many have sustained injuries, unfortunately the death toll is still on the rise. Many victims have been identified as passengers on the Ovation of the seas cruise ship who were visiting the island at the time of the incident. 

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