All About Singapore Tourism Board's New Metaverse Experience

Changi Airport in Singapore has created a virtual version of itself called ChangiVerse on Roblox, allowing users, including Indian travellers, to explore its famous attractions like the indoor waterfall
Changi Airport, Singapore      Photo Credit Vacaciones Pagodas Blog / Pixabay
Changi Airport, Singapore Photo Credit Vacaciones Pagodas Blog / Pixabay

AR and VR technologies have been making inroads into tourism for some time. During the pandemic, the relevance of virtual tours and travel from home or anywhere in the world was highlighted in several projects using such tech. The emergence of the Metaverse has resulted in immersive experiences when exploring new places. The Metaverse has the potential to transform the way travellers look for locations and activities and provide access to a new kind of contact with people from all over the world. 

Changi Airport in Singapore has built a virtual area where customers, including Indian travellers, may experience its renowned features, such as an indoor waterfall. The "virtual reality airport," ChangiVerse, is available on the games platform Roblox, where users can explore familiar landmarks such as the control tower, according to Changi Airport Group (CAG). It promoted its arrival in the Metaverse as the first time an airport has developed a virtual environment on Roblox, with 59.5 million daily active users worldwide. 

Never been to the airport and want to learn how to navigate it Check it out with the immersive experience in ChangiVerse is divided into three sections Jewel, Terminal 3, and Airport Boulevard, each of which has virtual representations of the airport's renowned sights, like the indoor waterfall at Jewel. The virtual replica may also show the unique floor tile design and ceiling panels from Terminal 3's departure hall.  

The Use Of Gaming

Meanwhile, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has also developed an immersive virtual experience called Singapore Wanderland on the online gaming platform Roblox in an effort to engage new audiences and build affinity for Singapore by enabling users to explore the city-state's significant landmarks.

Singapore Wanderland uses three mini-games to put a fanciful perspective on real-life attractions, where players may collect magical orchids to change a garden with STB's destination mascot Merli. The beta version was introduced on May 11 this year and has had over two million visits already. STB can now reach significant countries, including India, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, thanks to Roblox's 60 million daily active users worldwide.

The immersive experience features Gardens by the Bay, Mandai Wildlife Group, and Marina Bay Sands in the mini-games, alongside attractions such as the Merlion Park, Singapore Flyer, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. 

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