Alila Diwa Goa's New Water Bottling Plant Will Eradicate Use Of Around 350,000 Plastic Bottles Annually

Alila Diwa Goa becomes the first hotel to install a water bottling plant (in partnership with Impact start-up Boon). It is set to prevent an estimated 50 tons of carbon emissions
Single-use plastics can damage the beaches in Goa, and cause much harm to marine life
Single-use plastics can damage the beaches in Goa, and cause much harm to marine life

Alila Diwa Goa, a lifestyle Hyatt resort in South Goa,&nbspcreates memorable experiences for guests&nbspby providing&nbspintimate interactions&nbspwith the people, culture, and traditions&nbspof the destination,&nbspwhile&nbspalso&nbspbeing&nbspresponsible for the community and the environment. Furthering its cause of&nbspresponsible tourism, Alila Diwa Goa is proud&nbspto be&nbspthe first hotel in Goa to install an automated sustainable drinking water bottling plant at&nbspits&nbspproperty, in partnership with Boon (formerly known as Swajal WaterCube).

Alila Diwa Goa takes pride in supporting sustainable tourism and reducing&nbspits&nbspcarbon footprint&nbspby&nbspusing biodegradable materials. The resort takes great care in minimizing its environmental impact by using primarily local materials and working with the&nbspenvironment&nbspto preserve indigenous ecosystems.

The &ldquoZero Mile Water&rdquo programme works on&nbspthe&nbspcircular economy principle,&nbspwhere&nbspan automated in-house system washes, sterilizes and fills glass bottles, thereby not only cutting down on plastic waste but also&nbspeliminating&nbspcarbon emissions involved in transporting the bottles to the hotel from a plant.

"At Hyatt, our purpose is to care for people so they can be their best. This includes supporting the communities in which we operate by caring for the planet," said Suveer Sodhi, General Manager. "Keeping this in mind, we are very proud to be the first hotel in Goa to install an in-house water bottling plant to further our support to eradicating single-use plastic across the hotel. This also helps us provide pure and safe drinking water in sterilized and sealed glass bottles to guests who are now more conscious and are constantly seeking responsible travel experiences."

Boon&rsquos proprietary Clairvoyant IoT platform monitors the quality of each drop of drinking water. Guests can scan&nbspa&nbspunique QR code to get insights on&nbspthe&nbspdrinking water quality and impact in real time. &ldquoGoa is a unique place in India,&nbspand sustainable tourism is the only way forward to improve&nbspthe area&rsquos&nbsptourism-based economy while preserving nature that makes the destination such a unique place.,"&nbspsaid&nbspDr. Vibha Tripathi, CEO of Boon. "Single-use plastics&nbspcan damage&nbspbeaches and&nbspthe&nbspbeauty of nature. Replacing single-use plastic bottles&nbspwith glass bottles&nbspis a small step in that direction,&nbspbut&nbspit&nbspis a giant leap in thinking about our environment.&rdquo 

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