A Mirage in a Desert No, it's an Airport

Saudi Arabias new airport is inspired by the optical illusion of a desert mirage
The airport will be a sleek mirrored edifice rising from the desert (representative image)
The airport will be a sleek mirrored edifice rising from the desert (representative image)

Saudi Arabia has disclosed its plans for a unique new airport which is the talk of the town. To be built around 2023, the airport looks a lot like a shimmering desert mirage. It's being built to accommodate a whopping one million travellers per year.

The mapping of the airport has been designed by international consultancy and engineering group, Egis, while the conceptualisation of the tower and control tower is being done by UK-based architectural and design firm Foster Partners.   

The airport will encompass Saudi Arabia&rsquos new super-luxury resort AMAALA on the Red Sea coast and the planning of their opening has been done in congruence with each other, as the first phase of the resort is set to coincide with the opening of the new airport.

The airport will imbibe the luxurious touch of the resort and will provide travellers with an unforgettable experience. 

The resort will be stretched over 4155 sq. km of the Prince Mohammad bin Salam Natural Reserve and will house 2,500 hotel rooms, apartments, estate homes and more than 800 residential villas along with various other establishments.

Using climatic conditions for making an airport stand out is revolutionary and looking at this it is very evident that the next generation of airports is here. 

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