Air India Takes Gourmet To The Skies

From unique continental dishes to classic Indian flavours, Air India's new in-flight menu is all set to make flying more exciting
Air India Takes Gourmet To The Skies
Air India Takes Gourmet To The Skies
Seldom has the thought of in-flight food made anybody beam with joy. There is little to look forward to and much to be looked over&ndashfrom stale bread to bland gravy. However, Air India's reimagined menu, set to be served across Economy and Business class, may compel you to change that notion very soon. In an exclusive tour of the flight kitchen, OT went behind the scenes at Ambassador's Sky Chef and got a sneak peek at how the veteran air carrier has excelled so far at providing an impeccable culinary experience but is also set to take it a notch above with its all-new and exciting array of in-flight meals. 
Exciting New Offerings 
There's nothing better than being served a comforting meal when flying miles away from home. And nobody does it quite like Air India. While they have proudly worn this as a differentiating factor over the decades, they are also ready to offer passengers a gourmet experience. However, this revamp does not come without its quintessential Indian touch. Air India's Chef and team have also ensured that India's diverse regional culinary heritage is also celebrated. Therefore, while you can look forward to enjoying exotic offerings like DIY khao suey, Thai red curry, baked fillet of fish with a herb almond and garlic crust, you can also relish dishes like ubz seekh kebab, chicken Chettinad Kathi roll and the likes as well. 
Even the bar menu, served only on international flights, has been refreshed with several new entrants that pair up well with the diverse cuisine being served on board. Passengers can choose from a fine selection of wines from some of the world's best vineyards, including Ch&acircteau de l'Hestrange, Les Oliviers, Chateau Milon, and the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. And for those who prefer spirits like whiskey, gin, and vodka, plenty of indulgent options await.
To enhance the experience further, Air India has introduced more initiatives and features suited for a discerning traveller, such as including keto-friendly and Jain meals upon request. In addition, the menu also notes the nutritional values of each of the dishes being served for the health-conscious traveller. 
The Question About Quality
Questions about hygiene are the first to arise when the food tray is placed before us on a flight. However, if the meticulous workings of the in-flight kitchen observed prove anything, it is that in-flight food might be the most hygienic. The long-drawn kitchen-to-flight trail involves thorough checks on every level&ndashfrom receiving the ingredients and dividing them to preparing and packing them to be served. 
The food trail begins at the receiving docks, where fresh, quality ingredients are sorted into colour-coded baskets after being checked and cleaned. The Process Wing then prepares the raw materials for various dishes, carefully avoiding cross-contamination between non-veg items. The central kitchen is divided into sections, each adhering to strict guidelines for different cuisines. Hot food is quickly cooled and moved to cold rooms, and the Operations Wing then assembles and dispatches trays with cutlery and crockery according to Air India's guidelines. The entire process is monitored at every stage by a team of microbiologists to ensure quality and hygiene. From start to finish, our inflight cuisine journey is uncompromising in its commitment to excellence and passenger satisfaction.

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