Air India Opens Bookings to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bahrain

Travellers can now book tickets via the airline's website, call centre, office, and through travel agents
At the New Delhi airport where flights have resumed after the lockdown
At the New Delhi airport where flights have resumed after the lockdown

Air India Express has opened bookings for flights to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Bahrain. The operations will be in addition to the flights that have been already announced by the national carrier.

Under the guidelines released in the sixth phase of Vande Bharat Mission, travellers can now book tickets available on the airline's official website, call centre, office, and through travel agents.

Earlier, Air India had announced additional flights to Singapore under the Vande Bharat
Mission. However, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had further extended
the suspension of international flights to and from the country till September 30 as the
government announces Unlock 4.0.

The competent authority has further extended the suspension on the scheduled
international commercial passenger services to/ from India up to September 30. However,
this restriction shall not apply to international all-cargo operations and flights specifically
approved by DGCA," the authority&rsquos official statement read.

According to the new announcement, flights under the travel bubbles established by the
government will continue its operations. Currently, India has air bubbles with the US,
Germany, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Maldives, UK, Canada, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, and France, with more bilateral air bubbles to be announced soon.

&ldquoTo allow gradual movement of passenger traffic during the COVID-19 situation, &lsquotransport
bubble&rsquo agreements have been signed with the USA, France, and Germany. Recently, a
&lsquotransport bubble&rsquo agreement has also been signed with Kuwait to uplift stranded passenger
both to/from India. More similar arrangements are likely to fructify and ease passenger
movements from different countries,&rdquo the DGCA has announced.

Currently, India is operating cargo, domestic, and international flights under the Vande
Bharat Mission, with more international flights operating under the air bubble pacts to
facilitate the movement of stranded nationals.

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