Representative image of an late night flight in air
Representative image of an late night flight in air

New Late Night Flights By Air India Will Set You Back By Just INR 1000

Newly launched flight timings by Air India give the phrase fly-by-night a positive spin

Pop quiz How often have you done the following in terms of, um, inflation
A. Applied the price filter from &lsquolow to high&rsquo B. Dug through (ungodly) early morning flight timings or C. Searched via the hallowed incognito mode

If you are anything like us, chances are you&rsquove probably tried all three. You no longer have to, thanks to a new announcement by Air India. To cater to budget-strapped travellers, the domestic airline is introducing new late night flights in India. The fares for the new flights will be between @INR 1000-@INR 3000 only. Currently, the night flights will operate in popular sectors, including Bengaluru-Ahmedabad, Delhi-Coimbatore, and everyone&rsquos favourite, Delhi-Goa.

The Delhi-Goa flight which will depart at 2200 and arrive at 0035, while the return flight for the same departs at 0115 from Goa and arrives at 340. 

In airport-speak, these are usually called red-eye flights, alluding to the lack of sleep passengers travelling on them face, thanks to the timings. The advantage of taking such flights, besides the attractive prices, is that beat city traffic as well, saving time in the process.

So when can you get on to these flights As per Air India, the wait is not much longer&mdashthe late night flights take off starting November 30, 2018.

Excited We are. After all, who can resist the wilful charms of a good, attractive offer

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