A Novel Idea Trains In Maharashtra Get A Library Each

Travelling without reading material Fret not, book lover. These two trains in Maharashtra have got you covered
A women engrossed in a book while travelling
A women engrossed in a book while travelling

Never will a train journey take a boring turn again. At least, not in Maharashtra. In what is a first for India, two inter-city trains have got a library on board each The trains in question are The Deccan Queen and Panchavati Express that ply from Mumbai-Pune and Mumbai-Mammad (Nashik) respectively.

Inaugurated on October 15 by the Central Railways, the trains will be stocked by a moving library on wheels, which would be carted around the train for commuters. Commuters that have a monthly travel pass have free access to the library and can pick up a book of their choice for the duration of the journey.

According to reports, there are close to 250 books on Marathi literature and culture in these libraries. Soon, books in other languages would be introduced as well.

So, if you&rsquove forgotten a copy of your book while travelling, you know where to go.

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