A New Mountain Is Set To Open In Shanghai

These mountains echo
A new mountain is all set to open in Shanghai
A new mountain is all set to open in Shanghai

Here&rsquos something you don&rsquot hear every day there&rsquos a new mountain set to open in 2020 in Shanghai. A part of a larger project by Heatherwick Studios, this mountain is one of two building structures&mdashaptly named 1,000 Trees&mdashwhich have had their scaffolding removed in order to plant thousands of trees on the outer fa&ccedilade. The sites will open as a hub for retail stores, restaurants, offices, galleries and event venues. There are about 25,000 shrubs, perennials and climbers of 46 different species sourced from Shanghai&rsquos Chongming Island, in the Yangtze River delta. Growing green indeed.

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