5 Hacks for The Solo Traveller
5 Hacks for The Solo Traveller

5 Hacks for The Solo Traveller

Travelling alone for the first time Try these tips for a great trip

Yolo not only sounds like solo, but also has a deep connection with it. Travelling, always, has a purpose. Solo trips are usually about discovery of destination and self. While family holidays come with their own perks, solo trips are increasingly topping the wish list of many for various reasons. First, you have the freedom to modify your itinerary whenever you want. Second, you get to interact with new people. And last, sometimes, its just plain fun to be on your own. Here is how you can make the most of your first solo-trip

Plan well Knowing the weather, important numbers, key cities on your route, things to do as well as not do is a must. Also, you can save on the two biggest expenses- travel and stay - by booking your tickets in season sales and accommodation through the hotel website to get the best deals.

Book solo-friendly accommodation Look for a hostel/hotel/BnB that is particularly good for solo travellers. These aren't going be the #1 ontravel portals, but if you read up blogs and reviews by fellow solo travellers, they would reveal that these are the places to be.

Do it like a local Nothing like experiencing a place like a local. Look for dining places that allow room for talking, learn a few local words, initiate conversations and try mingling with fellow travelers. You might end up having interesting conversations and making new friends.

Safety first Its always good to be extra aware when traveling alone. Let family and friends know about where you are staying. If venturing out late in the night, check with the hotel staff if its safe, stay sober and travel wisely.

Do it like a pro Make a proper itinerary with enough room for change. Know the things that you must do at the destination but squeeze in a few things from local recommendations. Walk it to breathe in the vibe, culture and beauty of the destination. I know taxis are quick, but I thought you were on a vacation

Solo-trips are definitely not overrated. Look for a window of opportunity and venture out. Your first solo trip will ensure you plan your next soon.

The writer is the co-founder,Treebo Hotels

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