Indian Travellers are Looking for Familiarity Survey

According to a survey, 50 percent of travellers wish to explore new destinations and 57 percent of travellers intend to revisit same place for the sake of familiarity
Domestic travel has become a buzzword after the pandemic
Domestic travel has become a buzzword after the pandemic

Since lockdown restrictions relaxed, domestic travel has taken off and people have been planning short trips to different states within the country. A study conducted by the travel company found that, 49 percent of the population are planning to take trips with their friends and families within India.

The study says travellers wish to explore new destinations locally since the option of making international trips is minimal. It also found that 41 percent of the travellers wish to go on a holiday over a period of time (long term) and 52 percent of people will go on trips domestically within 7 to 12 months.

On one hand, about 50 percent of the population are looking forward to exploring new holiday destinations and visit places they haven&rsquot been to before, and on the other hand, 57 percent of Indians wish to travel back to an already visited destination, due to the familiarity aspect.

As per survey results, 25 percent of travellers have planned to take a trip abroad at least by the end of the year. 

Manali, Srinagar, Digha, Manali, Goa, and Alibaug seem to be popular local destinations among Indian travellers, as per the results of the survey conducted by

In comparison with last year, in 2021, the trending holiday destinations have been Goa, Manali, Srinagar, Digha, and Alibaug.

The study reveals, a new trend has been spotted in 2021, that is, pet-friendly travelling. According to, the trend will continue through the year.

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