Iconic French Sites Remain Off Limits

As the country is easing restrictions in its second phase, some sites remain still remain off limits
Iconic French sites remain off limits for visitors
Iconic French sites remain off limits for visitors

While France may be easing border restrictions for European travellers and easing movement within the country, some of its most iconic tourist sites will continue to remain off limits for visitors for the immediate future. 

Tourist destinations like the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles and the Louvre museum&mdashfrequented by all visitors in the country&mdashwill continue to remain shut amidst the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. 

The country is gradually lifting up its lockdown next week, however, some major European cultural sites will also be off-limit for tourists. 

According to media reports, the Eiffel Tower is not likely to be open anytime before the second half of June. Fine tuning the site&rsquos management to protect its employees and visitors and maintain social distancing is still to be carried out. However, as and when the Eiffel Tower reopens, visitors might have to opt for stairs, as the elevators are likely to remain closed. 

The Louvre museum is likely to open between end of June and mid-July. While Mona Lisa may be open, 20-30% of the rooms may be closed. Visitors will also have to wear face masks and there will be strict rules in place. The Versailles Palace will also not reopen currently. A date for the same hasn&rsquot been decided either. 

France begins easing restriction in its second phase today, followed by the first phase on May 11, 2020.  

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