Become a Mermaid and Save the Ocean in Florida

Two Florida artists will sink 1,000 mermaid statues underwater to help endangered reefs
The underwater sculpture Nest near Gilli island in Indonesia
The underwater sculpture Nest near Gilli island in Indonesia

You&rsquove heard a lot of mermaid stories growing up. Ever wondered if you could become one In Florida, you can fulfil that dream, and help save the reefs while you are at it.

The 1000 Mermaid Artificial Reef Project in West Palm Beach is transforming real people into mermaids with sustainable cement and limestone. These 'mermaids' are then planted underwater on ocean-friendly modules to help replenish dying reefs. As the name suggests, this non-profit organisation plans to sink at least 1,000 mermaids but could end up installing even more based on their success.

Located near the Peanut Island, on the shores of Tony Palm Beach in Florida, the installations are aimed at boosting ocean health while also functioning as an underwater public art installation and destination for divers who come to the islands to snorkel.

The project was conceived by south Florida artists Ernest Vasquez and Sierra Rasberry who run Miami Body Cast, a company which creates body sculptures for homes, yachts, and more. The idea came about after a divorced client told the duo that they can toss the sculpture of his ex-wife as a nude mermaid into the ocean. Vasquez and Rasberry took the advice quite literally.

The project leaders hope to expand to many more tropical regions, like the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and Mexico soon.

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