Visit Lansdowne For A Monsoon Getaway From Delhi

This army town in Uttarakhand is only a few hours away from Delhi
Lansdowne in Pauri Garhwal, Photo Credit Shutterstock
Lansdowne in Pauri Garhwal, Photo Credit Shutterstock

Monsoon calls for a respite from the daily humdrum. And as the drizzles begin to pour, an urge to seek calm sets in, prompting us to go on a weekend getaway. Take a short trip to Uttarakhand's Lansdowne, a picturesque hill station about 7 hours away (280 km) from Delhi.

Hill Station Overview
Elevated at 1,700 m and brimming with old-world colonial charm, Lansdowne boasts a lush landscape with pine and oak trees and charming churches. Established in 1887 as a cantonment by the British, drawn to its salubrious climate, the hill station was named after Lord Lansdowne, the then Viceroy of India. Today, it has been converted into the headquarters of the Garhwal Rifles, Indian Army. To explore the town, stroll on foot, soak up the scenic views of the mountains and lake at its centre, and discover hidden temples and churches on nature walks.

Places To Visit

Bhulla Tal Lake
With neat gardens and boating facilities, Bhulla Tal Lake is a must-visit spot in Lansdowne. A children's park, a bamboo tree house and a fountain at the lakeside will also interest you.

Tip in Top
Located near St. Mary's Church, Tip-in-Top is a favoured viewpoint in the region. A trek to this spot on a clear day offers breathtaking vistas of the majestic Himalayas. 

Kaleshwar Temple
It is believed to be the oldest shrine in Lansdowne, with a history of over 500 years old. On Mahashivratri, the temple is decked up in festive colours, welcoming devotees from everywhere. Tadkeshwar Temple is another temple frequented by tourists as well as locals.

Garhwal Rifle Regiment War Memorial
The Garhwal Rifle Regiment War Memorial is a significant attraction in Lansdowne, drawing many visitors yearly. This memorial, dedicated to the Indian Army, was established on November 11, 1923, by Lord Rawlinson of Trent, the commander-in-chief of India at the time. Located in the Parade Ground, it was constructed to showcase the heroic acts of the Garhwal regiment.

St. Mary's Church
The church was built between 1895 and 1896 by British Colonel A.H.B. Hume, a lieutenant at the time. The church's architecture and design reflect its heritage status. It has since been restored by the Garhwal Rifles Regimental Centre, ensuring it remains a prominent area feature.

St. John's Catholic Church
Located on Mall Road, the church sits atop a spur below the Forest Bungalow, surrounded by a picturesque forested area. Its quaint appearance adds to the charm of this unique location.

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve
Located 10 km from Lansdowne, the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve spans 300 sq km and hosts a significant tiger population. It is part of the Corbett landscape and is a habitat for diverse wildlife, including goral, barking deer, sambar, elephants, and hog deer. In addition to over 50 species of mammals, the reserve boasts a variety of reptiles, such as cobras, rock pythons, crocodiles, and monitor lizards.

Things To Do

Trekking And Nature's walk
Take a leisurely trek to Tip in Top, situated on a nearby ridge near St. Mary's Church, for stunning views of the area. Alternatively, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll, taking in the picturesque scenery at your own pace. Exploring the small town and the surrounding forests on foot is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the area's natural beauty.

Getting There

A 6-7 hour drive or bus ride from Delhi can take you to Lansdowne. The nearest railway station is Kotdwar, around 40 km away, and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, around 150 km away. From both Kotdwar and Dehradun, taxis or buses can be taken to reach Lansdowne.

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