5 Train Travel Tips To Keep In Mind

It is always helpful to come across some tips on how to have an easy trip when commuting via the railways
The Indian Railways. Photo Credit Shutterstock
The Indian Railways. Photo Credit Shutterstock

Travelling through trains across miles of railway tracks can be a joyful experience. You get to see a variety of landscapes rushing past every window as the views change every few kilometres. To make it easier to enjoy the journey, it is crucial to plan and use a few suggestions about train travel to your advantage. Here are five tips and tricks to ensure a stress-free train ride and make the most of the railways.

Be The Early Bird

Booking tickets online before you head out for a trip and skipping the chaotic queues at the railway station is the easiest way to avoid last-minute hassles that can hamper your experience on a train. Go online and check out the IRCTC website to book tickets in advance. Several railway companies offer early bird discounts so that planning can save you headaches and considerable cash.

Select Your Preferred Seat

In a long train journey, the seat you will select for experiencing the train trip can often be the tipping point on which your entire railway experience rests. Different kinds of passengers may require different seats. For example, on a family trip, the elders might prefer the seats closest to the washrooms, whereas the kids may like the window seats for the views on offer. Rather than seeking favours from other passengers for an exchange of seats, planning the seat arrangement can significantly impact the train journey and is something every passenger should consider beforehand.

Lightweight luggage

Carrying heavy bags and packed luggage can be a true hassle on trains. The amount of luggage can also affect someone else's overall experience. Even though train travel allows for more baggage compared to air travel, it will always be beneficial to pack only the essentials and travel light. Consider what kind of bags you would take on a train trip. Using backpacks and wheeled suitcases that are easy to manoeuvre in train stations can assist you greatly.

Bring Entertainment And Essentials

Despite the ever-changing landscapes, longer train journeys are monotonous, and boredom is easily encountered. On this kind of train ride, it helps to bring some books and a hard drive full of movies to watch with friends on a laptop. Music can also be a great ally and enhance the meandering routes. Also, remember to carry essential items like a neck pillow, earplugs, sleep masks, and additional medicines to ward off any health ailments.

Research Your Destination

Before arriving at your destination, reserve some time to research your locally available transport and commute options. Planning these things only after reaching the spot can be difficult when constantly trying to understand the new atmosphere. Look up the train station layout where you'll get off, ensuring you have checked out the nearby attractions. Gaining a general understanding of your surroundings will make it easier to reduce the last-minute panic and help you navigate the new place better.

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