Looking For Some Beach Fun? These 7 Hidden Gems Are For You

Looking For Some Beach Fun? These 7 Hidden Gems Are For You

Among the joys of living in a tropical country surrounded by stretches of coastline means one can escape to uncrowded beaches

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In the search for a relaxing getaway, nothing beats a beach vacation. Fortunately, India's extensive coastline is dotted with stunning beach destinations that offer a perfect escape. Whether you prefer leisurely lounging, scenic strolls, capturing aesthetic pictures, or engaging in thrilling water sports, these coastal havens have it all. To help you plan your ideal beach retreat, here are some suggestions to consider.

On the Konkan coastline in Maharashtra, Kondura is a small fishing village. Its stunning beach has rocky shores and white sand with a small cave in a hillock named Kond. It is a fantastic place for bird-watching. You might even spot a Brahminy Kite in the sky. You can indulge in activities such as surfing, snorkelling and parasailing here.

Getting There: You can take an auto-rickshaw ride to Kondura from Vengurla.

This beach in Kerala is fenced with coconut and palm trees and gets its name from a local village called Mararikulam. There is nothing to do here except spend blissful days taking long walks on the sands beach and rejuvenating yourself.

Getting There: The nearest railway station is around 30 minutes from Marari, called Alleppey.

Located in the Udupi district in Karnataka, Kaup is known for its stunning lighthouse that reaches 27 meters above the ground. It closes after sunset, so get there early to take in the panoramic views. The water is rough near the shore, so swimming is not advisable. Also, check out the small fort (built by Tipu Sultan) and the Mariamma temples.

Getting There: Kaup is a one-hour drive from Mangalore.

This beach in Karnataka is all about the endless and clean waters of the Arabian Sea. St. Mary's is the most well-known among the four rock islands present near this beach. They have water sports activities available here too. This beach is supposed to be the first one in India with a 24/7 WiFi service. But would you be keen to stay connected to work emails?

Getting There: The beach is only 9 kilometres from Udupi railway station.

Located between seven hills in the Kannur district of Kerala, Ezhimala has carved stone pillars scattered around the area. An old mosque at the top of a mountain is a must-visit. You can spot dolphins at the nearby Ettikulam Bay.

Getting There: It's almost an hour's drive from Kannur to Ezhimala.

Ranpar is completely cut off, taking peace to a whole new level. No infrastructure, no signs of civilization, only the odd fisherman trying to earn his living is what you'll find here. Ranpar Beach is where you will find peace to meditate, isolate and take some time off from everything. Several restaurants and hotels are located in Ratnagiri, the closest town to Ranpar. But Ratnagiri's populated beaches and attractions cannot match the peace that Ranpar's isolation can provide.

Getting There: Pune to Ratnagiri is a 9-hour journey by train. You can hire local transport to Ranpar Beach.

The Sumana River merges with the Arabian Sea at this beach in Karnataka. Lush green forests line the shore, and you can see the coconut trees bending backwards due to high wind speeds. A beautiful Shiva temple called Sri Someshwara Temple is located near the beach.

Getting There: Ottinene is well connected by roads and is about 80 kilometres from Udupi.

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