Soukya: A Therapeutic Wellness Retreat Near Bengaluru

Rejuvenate with both modern and ancient wellness routines at Soukya - A holistic health centre in Bengaluru
Soukya is a holistic health rejuvenation centre in Bangalore
Soukya is a holistic health rejuvenation centre in BangaloreSoukya

The last thing I needed after working ridiculously long hours, six days in a row, was to catch a flight to anywhere. But I made it to the airport, not bright, but certainly early, to fly to Namma Bengaluru. I had successfully managed to avoid relaxation via massages all my life. The notion seemed to involve lots of oil, minor violence and just general discomfort.

Massage and Retreat

I thought I'd go to Soukya and face my massage phobia. I came away in a blissful daze. At Soukya, they were just slightly amused that I had never had a massage. "The hot stone therapy and a session of reflexology should suit you," said the in-house doctor. And they suited me just fine.

Start your day with healthy practises like Yoga
Start your day with healthy practises like YogaSoukya

A Green Approach

The setting is perfect. It manages to be spare and luxurious at the same time. Set in a 30-acre organic farm, Soukya grows a lot of its own fruits and vegetables. The food is vegetarian drinking and smoking isn't allowed. The lavish rooms have telephones but no TVs (they have one in the common sitting area) and cell phones aren't allowed in the therapy areas. They offer relaxation and wellness packages as well therapeutic packages for weight loss, smoking cessation etc.

Greenery envelops the suites at Soukya
Greenery envelops the suites at SoukyaSoukya

Within the scope of integrative medicine, Soukya offers Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Homeopathy. Visitors receive a comprehensive health assessment from experienced doctors specializing in various medical fields. By examining both the Ayurvedic tri-dosha (vata, pitta, and kapha) and blood reports, a customized treatment plan is created to suit each person's specific needs. The program undergoes daily monitoring and assessment, allowing for adjustments to the treatment protocol as necessary, ensuring personalized and effective care.

Tariff: Single deluxe rooms go for INR 11,900 doubles for INR 8,900 and the suites for INR 32,175. The seven-day wellness packages range from INR 8,850 to INR 20,540.

Location: Soukya Road, Samethanahalli, Whitefield, Bangalore.

Contact 080/794 5001-4 or 080-797 0441.

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