6 Pet-Friendly Stays in India

Take a trip out of the city life to enjoy the serene backgrounds at these locations with a furry friend
Get on an adventure or just relax at these hotels with your pets
Get on an adventure or just relax at these hotels with your pets

Bucket lists are subjective and usually vary from one person to another. However, one consistent item on everyone&rsquos list is a road trip planned with your best friend. Now, what about those whose best friends are not human at all For all those who have an over-excited dog or a carefree cat or even an adorable little tea-cup pig, we got you covered. We have curated a list of pet-friendly stays in India for you to enjoy with your loved ones, even the four-legged fellas. 

Himachal heritage Village, Palampur

Surrounded by the picturesque Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Heritage Village in Palampur provides an expansive outdoor location to enjoy with an outgoing pet. You can rent out your choice of their various cottages and ensure a personal experience with a stunning view. Various cottages have a porch to rest with your pet and you can overlook a complete change from the city life in which we are all wrapped up. The natural setting is relaxing and refreshing, especially with a close-range proximity to the head-turning Neugal river.

Arco Iris Homestay, Goa

What bucket list is complete without a Goa plan. Bring alive your Goa trips with a furry friend on your side. Arco Iris Homestay is an ideal spot to explore the part of the state away from the tourist crowd and bustle and experience the serenity of the golden beaches. Play a game of catch or sit with your favourite book as your pet carelessly runs on the sands. A humble area of 1.5 acres, there is still plenty of space for a kick-back vacation. A beautiful 200 year old restored mansion, the homestay overlooks a seasonal lake.

Dune Eco Village and Spa, Puducherry

An enormous property of 35 acre just a quick drive from the gorgeous French architecture in the city of Puducherry, Dune Eco Village and Spa is a beachfront property where plenty of space and astonishing views welcome you and your pets. It is an eco friendly hotel and also contains 55 unique bungalows. The hotel has 4 dogs of their own for the pets who wish to find a new friend. Additionally you can avail their two restaurants and gorge on fresh seafood dishes. 

Eco Trails Houseboats, Kottayam

To spend multiple hours confined to a boat swimming in a waterbody does not seem the best way to spend a vacation with your pet. However, one look at the services of Eco Trails Houseboats in Kottayam may make you change your mind. Not only do they welcome your pets graciously but also promise you a choice in the food you would like to feed them. The houseboats also provide you with a special sleeping arrangement for your pets, along with the serene views of the Kerala backwaters.

Woods Villa Resort, Jaipur

Meeting new people on a trip is always a delight. The same goes for the little ones you bring along. At Woods Villa Resort, you will come across their in-house facilities where various pets of their own dwell, including geese and rabbits. On the outskirts of Jaipur, the hotel is just a drive away from the vibrant culture of the main city. Just as most other pet-friendly stays on out list, this place provides you with plenty of space to stretch your limbs with your pets.

Camp Della Resort, Lonavla

Luxurious stays and pets do not typically go hand in hand. The maintenance of pets as well as quality of a luxury stay is generally difficult to do simultaneously. But not at Camp Della Resort. The easy accessibility of the location from Mumbai and Pune make Lonavla a highly desired vacation spot. And with the elegant tents at the resort with innumerable services for you and your pets, including walking and food, you might find the offer irresistible. In fact, the hotel itself has an incredible family of 12 dogs.

Emerald Trail, Bhimtal

Experience the tranquility of the forests in Uttarakhand with a friend on your hand (or by your foot). A 3 acre property, the Emerald trail is a gem (pun intended) of a stay. You can also look out to the Kumaon Valley, a surreal setting to enjoy with your pet. The valleys and mountains also make it a perfect setting to embark on a trek or camping experience. The best part of the stay is that there are no extra charges to be paid for your four-legged friend. 

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