There Is A Fine Balance Of Nature, Healing And Luxury At Aahana Naturopathy Centre

Naturopathy is all about letting your body heal itself. And at Aahana's Naturopathy Centre they teach you how to reach that level of calm and awareness
Cottages at Aahana The Corbett Wilderness resort are surrounded by precious greenery
Cottages at Aahana The Corbett Wilderness resort are surrounded by precious greenery

Anxiety. Aren't we all its victims, one way or the other I took anxiety on a different level altogether--got anxious at the prospect of seeing someone for my anxiety. Preparing myself for a "relaxing time" at Aahana The Corbett Wilderness Resort took its toll on me and my heart told me I was happy but my head chose sleepless nights. This was my second visit to the resort in four years' time and I remembered vividly why the resort was one of my favourite places to be in. The first time was a charm the second time was, well, an extension of that same charm. After an overnight journey from Delhi to Ramnagar, I reached Aahana feeling fresh. Things were different this time around saplings I saw last were now tall trees, cottages well-hidden behind a thick cover of trees all over the resort. From my last visit I remembered that the resort don't believe in cutting their grass as it attracts insects which in turn attracts birds. I also remembered how I didn't find even a single pesky mosquito during my stay there thanks to lemongrass and citronella plants all around the property. As I remembered those good times, my mind relaxed eventually. I was ready to figure out how to deal with my demon--lifestyle-related health problems that was bestowed upon me by my beloved Delhi.

After years of binge watching BBC Earth documentaries and devouring nature magazines and movies, I was now able to identify quite a many bird and animal species. I was quite pleased to meet the resident-naturalist Mr. Barlow again after so many years and this time we both took a long walk around the property and spied on resident jungle babblers, tailor birds, crimson sunbirds, magpies and many more. My birding list grew and I grew more aware of the fading anxiety. My first day at the resort was spent with birds, a quiet time by the lotus pond and a long walk around the property. It felt good to be back.

The main reason why I was there was the resort's Naturopathy Centre. Aahana Naturopathy Centre, a delightful fusion of Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Yoga, Western Spa Therapy along with other therapies in the midst of nature, was what I was there for. This was going to be my first time venturing in to the world of holistic healing. What drew me to naturopathy was the whole idea of letting your body heal itself. At Aahana, they combine holistic healing with luxury surrounded by nature and space that allows you to relax for real.

In today's time everything is lifestyle-related, even diseases. Naturopaths help discerning individuals prevent illness by means of stress reduction and guide towards right diet and lifestyle. As the name suggests, every treatment is natural, allowing the five elements--Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether or Space--to bring your body back to the state where it can heal itself sans any help of modern medicine. It got me curious and I had to try. My session with the resident wellness expert wasn't something I had expected. I was used to more of diagnosing, charts telling me what and when to eat, when to sleep and how many calories to burn. Do I eat enough organic food, was the first question I was asked. From organic food we moved to my sleep timing, then usage of phone, work...I was starting to get where our conversation was heading. I guess my answer was showing on my face because immediately I was told to relax and forget about what's wrong. My consulting therapist surprised me with an impromptu meditation session. I didn't even last five seconds. I couldn't even isolate a single sound without getting interrupted by the thought of what I had read on my phone few hours ago.

You need to take baby steps here and that means work on ways to calm down first, was what I was told. It made sense. To get results, the body needs to be a ready host first. With repeated advice to eat healthy and organic, I was then introduced to the world of Panchakarma, the green cure. After a detailed consultation, a programme is created just for you involving various therapies to release toxins from the body. Therapies that include daily massages, oil baths and many other using only what's available in our natural world.

Ironically, I didn't have much time to spend there so just to kickstart things, I opted for their Kerala ayurvedic treatment--Sarvanga abhyanga with head massage, a 60-minute session of full body massage with herbs infused oils, followed by a long steam bath. The masseuse knew what she was doing and after I told her my desired amount of pressure, I drifted off to sleep. It was not intended but I guess the herbs, oil, the talk-session with the therapist worked. I made a mental note to come back for a five-day session to start with, the moment I get some time off work and Delhi. I won't weave tall tales about how good everything was but one thing was for sure, I was less anxious, more relaxed and certainly felt good about now understanding what was going on with my body and how can I prepare myself to make me better.

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Where Aahana The Corbett Wilderness, Vill- Sawaldeh, PO Semalkhaliya,
Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar Nainital
What Naturopathy Centre
Packages Wellness Day Packages with 57 different treatments Naturopathy Residential Packages with a number of daily treatments starting with @INR 11,000 per person
Contact Aahana Naturopathy 91-7088600015 for reservation 91-7088600024

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