Where Opulence Meets Entertainment: 48 Hours At FIVE Palm Jumeirah

The FIVE Palm Jumeirah seamlessly combines a lavish party vibe with a strong dedication to being eco-friendly, effortlessly mixing elegance with lively energy
A shot of FIVE Palm Jumeirah
A shot of FIVE Palm Jumeirah

Energetic music playing throughout the day, people of various nationalities dancing joyfully, and empty beer bottles scattered about, all showcasing the exuberant enjoyment of life—I was welcomed by a vibrant atmosphere upon stepping into the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai. Offering stunning vistas of the Dubai Marina skyline, the hotel, just 30 minutes from the airport, features 470 rooms and suites and has gained a reputation as the ultimate party destination in Dubai since its inauguration in 2017. Spanning 16 floors, it boasts an impressive collection of exquisite amenities, encompassing upscale dining and nightlife venues (hosted by renowned chefs), a Vista Ballroom tailored for events, and a contemporary spa.

Upon entering the hotel, the first sight that greeted me was the Social Pool, known for hosting FIVE Palm Jumeirah's much-sought-after pool and beach parties. It was located outdoors, separated by a glass wall, and bustling with activity. The lobby was filled with men and women dressed in designer swimwear. I immediately felt grateful for not packing my swimming trunks; it was clear that leisurely swims were not the norm here.


I was warmly welcomed at the front desk by Mira Huzyuk, F&B Sales Executive at the hotel, who swiftly helped me check in. Before going to my room, Huzyuk and I sat down for a quick latte to go through the details of my two-day stay.

"FIVE Palm Jumeirah is not just about providing a luxurious setting in Dubai; it's about offering an abundance of entertainment, ensuring you never have to leave the premises to have a thrilling, action-packed vacation," said Huzyuk as she briefed me about the hotel.

"Our hotel is a vibrant hub for both partying and culinary delights, offering an array of restaurants, bars, and a nightclub. Whether you seek a gourmet dining affair or an evening of dancing, our venue provides diverse options, from relaxed to high-energy, from breakfast to the late hours, allowing you to craft your ideal stay, she added.

Not only this but at FIVE Palm Jumeirah, each guest's experience is designed to be environmentally conscious. This is achieved through solar-powered water heating, the use of repurposed water for landscaping, a focus on local produce, biodegradable amenities, and the implementation of smart controls to conserve energy. "In our pursuit to provide guests with entertainment and luxury while upholding environmental responsibility, we adopt a 'do more with less' approach and prioritise investing in cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies," said Huzyuk.

Having finished my coffee, I made my way to my room. Kadek Wijaya, whom Huzyuk introduced me to, personally escorted me, mentioning that this weekend was considered "quiet" by FIVE's standards. Despite the calm, the staff remained attentive and accommodating to my needs.


Luxe Sea View room
Luxe Sea View roomFIVE Palm Jumeirah

If the reception at the front desk had made an impression, it paled compared to what awaited in the room.

The Luxe Sea View room that was given to me boasted breathtaking views of the Dubai Marina skyline, cocooning me in opulent surroundings. The 3D tiling in the bathroom and bedroom was a consistent feature throughout the hotel.

Ample wardrobe space was available, accompanied by a small sofa and table, perfect for in-room dining, while the bed was immense and incredibly comfortable. The balcony was generously sized and furnished with sun loungers, cosy chairs, and an outdoor dining table.

A notable convenience was the presence of FIVE-branded suntan lotion in the room–a rarity in most hotels. Its availability spared me the hassle of stepping out and purchasing this essential item.


FIVE Palm Jumeirah also houses some of the best restaurants in town. My first night was spent dining at The Penthouse Rooftop Lounge. Initially, Frederic Faucheux's menu at The Penthouse seemed confusing. Still, the award-winning chef had ingeniously merged contemporary Japanese cuisine with traditional flavours using French cooking methods to create a truly fabulous menu. The spicy edamame beans and homemade chicken gyoza were a must-try. Opting for the mixed greens and seaweed salad, which came with a wafu dressing, bean sprouts, wakame, and pear, was worth the wait.

Penthouse Rooftop Lounge
Penthouse Rooftop LoungeFIVE Palm Jumeirah

At Cinque the following day, conversing was a task due to the pounding bass music from outside. The venue, where Italian art vibes infuse every aspect, is a vibrant space adorned with artistic ceilings, brass touches, and lively hand-painted murals depicting the picturesque Amalfi Coast.

CinqueFIVE Palm Jumeirah

Cinque specialises in delicate Italian dishes inspired by executive chef Mauro Di Leo's Sicilian roots. The Risotto Wild Mushroom was a delightful marriage of Acquerello risotto blended with an assortment of mushrooms and adorned with the richness of 24-month-aged Parmigiano. Each bite encapsulated the earthy essence of the mushrooms, complemented by the decadent notes of the aged Parmigiano, creating a symphony of flavours. As for the Parmigiana Di Melanzane, it presented a classic rendition of Aubergine parmigiana, expertly crafted with layers of eggplant, savoury tomato sauce, and melted cheese. This dish delivered a comforting medley of tender eggplant, tangy tomato, and the creamy, molten embrace of the cheese, showcasing a balance of textures and robust flavours.

For dinner that evening, I relished another rooftop terrace experience, this time at Maiden Shanghai. Boasting the acclaimed "best skyline view in Dubai," the 1920s Shanghai-inspired restaurant extended across three floors with a stunning outdoor terrace lounge, exclusive private dining rooms, and a vibrant main restaurant with a bustling bar. "Here, you can savour MSG-free and organic gourmet Chinese dishes, drawing inspiration from four esteemed Chinese cuisines–Cantonese, Sichuan, Shanghai, and Beijing," said the server who took me through the menu, curated by award-winning Chef Luo Bing.

Maiden Shanghai
Maiden ShanghaiFIVE Palm Jumeirah

I indulged in the steamed crystal spinach and mushroom dumpling, which offered a delicate fusion of spinach and mushroom within a tender, translucent casing. Following this, the Shanghai vegetable spring roll provided a crispy bite, filled with a blend of assorted vegetables, offering both texture and savoury flavours. Moving on, the wild mushrooms with smoked chilli infused a medley of earthy mushroom tones with a hint of smoky spice, creating a contrast of flavours. Finally, the mushroom and vegetable noodles presented a comforting dish, combining hearty mushrooms and assorted vegetables with flavorful noodles, resulting in a fulfilling culinary experience that left a lasting impression.

If The Penthouse had left me feeling full, Maiden Shanghai left me equally content.


On my last evening in Dubai, I was accompanied by Wijaya to FIVE Palm Jumeirah's private beach. The poolside loungers are relatively scarce here, yet you have alternatives such as securing a double daybed and parasol along the 200-meter beach stretch or choosing a spot on either of the two AstroTurf rooftops that offer a view of the beach.

For those eager to dive into an instant party vibe, the beach offers a vibrant scene with world-class DJs like Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies, and many others performing at Bohemia, the sizzling Saturday party. Friday nights are especially lively with Skyline Fridays, a deep house and tech house event at The Penthouse, featuring acclaimed artists such as GORDO, Joel Corry, Acraze, and numerous other well-known names in the electronic music scene. Moreover, FIVE presents multiple nightlife options, including BLING, Roar, and Above 21, each offering distinctive themes and experiences to cater to diverse preferences.

"Recognised as one of Dubai's major hubs for electronic music, FIVE frequently hosts top-tier DJs like MORTEN, Timmy Trumpet, and Solardo, enhancing its reputation with an array of internationally acclaimed artists and world-class performers," Wijaya said.


Front view of FIVE Palm Jumeirah
Front view of FIVE Palm JumeirahFIVE Palm Jumeirah

As the sun cast its final vibrant hues over the Dubai skyline, my stay at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah drew a close. The pulsating rhythm of the energetic music, the kaleidoscope of culinary experiences, and the sheer luxury of this destination left a mark on my memories. Leaving with a refreshed self, I departed knowing that the FIVE Palm Jumeirah wasn't just a getaway—it was a timeless chapter in my travels.

The Information

Address: No. 1 Palm - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Getting There: To reach FIVE Palm Jumeirah from Dubai Airport, opt for a taxi (approx. AED 100-150), ride-hailing services like Uber or Careem, or arrange a private transfer via the hotel. Utilise Dubai Metro to stations like Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Marina, then transition to a taxi. Consider renting a car for self-driving convenience. Expect a 30-40 minute journey (25km) with varying travel times due to traffic, especially during peak hours.

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