Spa time in tiger territory

Don't worry about the big cats. A retreat at the Aarogyam Spa in Aahana Resort, right outside Corbett National Park, will put your mind at ease
Spa time in tiger territory
Spa time in tiger territory

What&rsquos this Was there some kind of magic in the air Or, is it the mellifluous notes of the sitar playing in the background that had brought the change in me I was at Aahana &ndash the Corbett Wilderness, a resort located next to the Bijrani zone of the Corbett National Park, India&rsquos famous tiger reserve. I was there to try the resort&rsquos Aarogyam Holistic Health Spa. Normally, I talk in a loud voice. But here I was talking in a quiet tone.

A spa virgin, who didn&rsquot know the gentle touch of a masseuse from a pat on the back, I was so daunted by the world of fragrant oils, flowers and soothing instrumental music, that I had changed my appointment thrice. On the fourth try, I finally presented myself for the mandatory consultation session with Aahana&rsquos wellness expert, Dr Bati Pandey.

As I spoke to Dr Pandey, I realized Aarogyam specialised in dealing with stress-related diseases. We all know that today many people suffer from various stress-related ailments &ndash heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression and anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer&rsquos, and accelerated ageing. Therefore, to help you de-stress and detox, Aarogyam&rsquos spa menu includes Ayurveda, western spa therapies, nature cure, yoga and many alternative therapies there are various spa packages, ranging from 3 days to 3 weeks.

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After I put on my robe, the therapist led me to a dimly lit room. My feet were washed with fragrant water. I had chosen the Swedish massage. It was an hour-long massage with oils infused with organic home-grown medicinal herbs. Initially, seeing the therapist pour the oils, I was afraid that I would slither right off the massage table but surely the therapist knew her job and I was safe. As the soothing massage worked its magic on my over-wrought muscles, I drifted in-and-out of a sleepy state. The hour seemed to be over too soon. Then, I was led to the steam room for a 10-minute steam bath. At the end of the session, I was given a tiny glass of herbal tonic, called Dashamoolarishtam, to drink. The tonic helps improve health and vitality, and is effective for all kinds of &lsquovata&rsquo diseases (arthritis, cold, bladder/urinary disorders etc.) it also cured anaemia, jaundice and sexual weakness I was surprised to learn that my drink contained 67 ingredients

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Hooked to the goodness, I made another appointment the following day, for the spa&rsquos signature, customised home-made herbal/organic facial, Aahana signature body scrub and a session of manicure. I must add that the spa takes great care of your skin needs the oils and the packs are all tailor-made depending on an individual&rsquos skin needs. The luxurious body scrub with a complimentary scalp massage was very refreshing.

And, when I finally stepped out of Aahana, the Corbett Wilderness, I was loath to bid goodbye to the Aarogyam spa so much so that I didn&rsquot even mind drinking the loaded tonic again Well, hoping that the doctor didn&rsquot see me wince the first time.

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The information

Treatments The signature therapies include aromatic herbal mud wrap, sand bath, hot mud compress, customised home-made herbal/organic facial, Ayurvedic face mask and pack, organic fruit massage, Aahana signature special massage, Aahana signature body scrub and signature ubtan massage.
Where Aarogyam Holistic Health Spa in Aahana Resort &ndash the Corbett Wilderness, Sawaldeh village, Nainital district, Uttarakhand. (
Treatment rates Rs 500 - Rs 4000 (approx)
Treatment packages
(3-10 days) Rs 20,000 - Rs 1,94,000 (including room tariffs) the tariffs will be revised after October 10

Room tariff Rooms from Rs 9400 and villas from Rs 35,000 (without spa) valid after October 10
Contact 05947281189 for reservation &ndash
Recommended Hot mud compress, application of heated mud packs to the entire body or to specific areas, an alternative mode of treatment for rheumatic diseases.

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