Immerse Yourself: A Journey To Unparalleled Luxury

The Hyatt Regency Jaipur Mansarovar blends heritage architecture with contemporary elegance to bring visitors an experience they will never forget
Palatial Facade
Palatial Facade

What’s not to love about Jaipur? The “Pink City” dazzles visitors with its colourful palatial architecture, crystal clear lakes and the green hills of the Aravallis. The city’s idyllic beauty has served as the backdrop to many Hindi movies, and it makes up one of the spots on the “Golden Triangle”—a tourist circuit which starts from Delhi, moves to Agra and wraps up in Jaipur.

While living in a real palace may be out of reach for many, there is a place where you can experience the mystique of Rajasthani craftsmanship with modern comforts: the Hyatt Regency Jaipur Mansarovar.

A Planned Hotel

The Royal Diplomat Suite at the hotel
The Royal Diplomat Suite at the hotel

If Jaipur has the distinction of being the first planned city in India, then the Hyatt Regency Jaipur Mansarovar’s blend of royal design with contemporary décor would have the approval of the maharajahs and maharanis of yore.

For starters, the lobby recreates the baithak, or welcoming space of the palaces, by embedding hand-cut pieces of mirrors on the ceilings and walls, hand-painting the ceiling with natural stone colours, and gilding the panels on the marble pillars and ceilings with gold. If you have gazed with rapture at the stunning white marble adorning the Taj Mahal, you can find the same material in the 2,700 marble pillars which hold up the property. Their floral bases were hand-carved in the Rajput-style by skilled artisans working on the highest grade of marble sourced from the Makrana and Banswara regions.

If all this is not enough to make you want to stroll down the hotel’s hallways, then the central courtyard will grab your attention. The “Sheetal Aangan” is surrounded by corridors where the walls are coated with an araish finish on one side while 1,000 carved marble pillars stand tall on the other end. The interior elements were inspired by the Madhavendra Bhawan, a lavish two-storey building which is part of the Nahargarh Fort complex. The hotel’s central courtyard connects to six inner courtyards, all of which feature water-based architecture of carved marble fountains to keep out extreme heat and enhance the sensory experience. This is just the tip of the architectural wonders you can find here.

An Experience Like None Other

The 1,000 marble pillars of the “Sheetal Aangan”
The 1,000 marble pillars of the “Sheetal Aangan”

The Hyatt Regency Jaipur Mansarovar extends over five acres and boasts 245 rooms, 34 of which are suites with separate living areas and spacious bathrooms. Some of these suites come with private balconies for an added dose of privacy—the perfect setting for a romantic dinner under the stars. The Royal Wing’s four types of suites are tailor-made for discerning travellers with a penchant for elegance. They are fitted with traditional Rajasthani stone windows known as jharokas, which provide guests with a panoramic view of the “Sheetal Aangan” without being observed. The Tower Wing has 96 rooms and eight suites.

The hotel has four dining establishments fit for every guest’s needs. Whether you’re in the mood for regional delicacies sourced locally, sweet treats like pastries and cakes, or classic cocktails to beat the heat, you just have to ask and it will be delivered. An outdoor swimming pool, a comfortable library, nearly 5,000 square metres of meeting space for private gatherings and conferences, and an exclusive Regency Club on the first floor, you will hope your stay never ends at the Hyatt Regency Jaipur Mansarovar.

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