Take A Trip To Scandinavia At Radisson Bengaluru

Radisson Bengaluru's stark and scintillating Scandinavian sensibilities are sure to leave you awestruck.
The colourful lobby at the Radisson Bengaluru City Center
The colourful lobby at the Radisson Bengaluru City Center

Beautiful weather, green covers, meetings with friends and family, walking down memory lane, makes Bengaluru a unique treasure trove. The Ulsoor Lake area is a prime location and one of the most gorgeous parts of the city. Even a few months ago, there were five high-end hotels in its vicinity competing for patronage. Today, there are six. Radisson Bengaluru City Centre (RBCC), the new hotel, is already wowing guests with its luxury-business vibe and minimalist designs.

First Impressions

Cosy rooms at Radisson Bengaluru City Centre
Cosy rooms at Radisson Bengaluru City CentreRadisson Hotels

Sometimes first impressions can have a lasting effect. From the ground if you look up towards the roof, you'll notice a blue man right at the tip, ready to dive into the lake, arms stretched wide like Kate Winslet in Titanic. The whole building plays off lines and corners, resembling a yacht from the outside. What most hotels long to hide, RBCC celebrates. "We've engaged in (low) poly art throughout the property," says GM Sapnil Kalkar. He isn't kidding. The hotel is a minimalist haven, inspired by Scandinavian sensibilities, every aspect styled with purpose. Take my suite - pops of bright colour, accent chairs, clean edges, an open wardrobe, mirrors - the elements combine to maximise the limited space and yet keep it chic. Then, there is the tech, touch screens et al., to appeal to the younger audience, no doubt. But I am sold once I spot the rocking bed.

Culinary Offerings

Later, it is hunger that draws me to Slo Food Co. 2, the hotel's only restaurant at the moment. The vast menu is a surprise. From Italian to Tibetan, Mughlai to Burmese, there are over 140 items listed. Chef Palvinder Singh has spent a lot of time curating it with one thought in mind - repeat customers. "I want a customer to be able to come 10 times and experience new items," he says. Everything is made from scratch using slow food techniques like sous vide, pickling, croc pots, etc., with locally sourced products. I would recommend the Tibetan broth with prawn crackers, mandya soup with khakra and freshly made bebinca. I probably piled on pounds during my stay, without once paying a visit to the 24-hour gym. The session at Bodhi Spa to release the knot in my shoulder worked wonders, though.

A Busy Sojourn

It's rare to find a new hotel with a 100 per cent occupancy rate during weekdays (thanks to the combination of business travellers and a state-of-the-art boardroom and workstations), that too without an alcohol licence. RBCC may be small but with its 90 rooms, friendly staff, delicious food (they are yet to publicise themselves on food apps) and attention to detail, it's definitely a player to watch out for. At least that is my first impression as I dip my feet in the rooftop pool, taking in the beautiful view of the lake.

Address: No. 2 Gangadhar Chetty Road, Ulsoor, Bengaluru,560042

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