A Luxurious Sojourn In Trivandrum, Kerala

Experience tranquility in Trivandrum, Kerala. Nestled in lush landscapes, this retreat offers lavish comforts and cultural immersion
Hyatt Regency
Hyatt RegencyGerry O'Leary

As you step into Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, you can feel the essence of Onam in the air. The city is illuminated, and every home, shop, and office space is decorated with colourful pookalams. People are dressed in traditional attire, celebrating the most significant and beloved festival for Keralites. Onam is a harvest festival everyone celebrates with full pomp, regardless of caste, creed, or religion.

Hyatt Regency Lounge
Hyatt Regency LoungeGerry O'Leary

Thiruvananthapuram, a city with a peaceful vibe, is Kerala's cultural hub. It has attractions ranging from beautiful landscapes and beaches to backwaters and significant holy sites. Upon my arrival at the Hyatt Regency, about 2 kilometres from the popular Napier Museum, I was greeted with a grand welcome and warm hospitality from the staff. As I made my way to the vast and beautifully detailed lobby, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe. Sipping on my refreshing coconut drink, I knew that my stay here would be an experience of luxury, and I was eager to embrace it all.

The hotel is the third Hyatt property in the state of Kerala. "The inauguration of Hyatt Regency Trivandrum signifies a significant stride in Hyatt's strategic expansion of its brand in India. The sheer natural allure of the state makes it an exceptionally sought-after destination for travellers within India. At Hyatt, our foremost objective is to enhance our brand's footprint in places that resonate with our guests' travel preferences," said Rahul Raj, general manager at Hyatt Regency Trivandrum.

Stay In Luxury

I stayed in the hotel's Regency Suite, a seamless blend of timeless comfort and modern elegance. The inviting living room boasts plush furnishings and offers views of the pool and the city—a perfect setting to unwind with a soothing drink. The equally remarkable bedroom comes with a generously sized en-suite bathroom, complete with a luxurious deep-soaking bathtub, offering the ideal retreat for relaxation. True to their reputation, the hotel staff delivered exceptional service, ensuring that my needs were promptly met throughout my stay.

Inside a Hyatt suite
Inside a Hyatt suiteHyatt Regency

Rejuvenate At The Śāntata Spa

The Śāntata Spa is the perfect setting for a peaceful and relaxing stay. The spa offers a range of modern and traditional wellness approaches, including Ayurveda and Western and Eastern therapy. Among the various options available, I opted for the full-body massage, a 90-minute, incredibly soothing treatment. The massage room is filled with relaxing music and lighting, and you immediately feel a sense of calmness upon entering. The aromas of the oils used are so pleasant that they can put even an insomniac to sleep—the spa treatment concluded with a comforting sauna and steam session.

Food Delights

After getting some much-needed rest, I headed to the Malabar Café for lunch, eagerly anticipating the chance to sample local delicacies. To my delight, the buffet spread was truly impressive, featuring an array of mouthwatering options from North Indian dishes to continental cuisine and authentic Kerala specialities like meen manga thakkali curry (raw mango fish curry), Kerala chicken biryani, parotta, thayir sadam (curd-rice), and more. With so many delicious choices, I was inspired to indulge in a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

For dinner, I was hosted at The Oriental Kitchen, living up to its name by offering an exquisite blend of Szechuan and Thai cuisine, accompanied by an array of aromatic Asian delights like lemongrass, kafir leaves, and galangal. As I savoured a glass of fine red wine, the Sichuan prawns emerged as the star of the evening, tantalising my taste buds with lantern chilli, wood ear mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.

I was excited to explore Thiruvananthapuram the following day, but not before enjoying an authentic Kerala breakfast on a banana leaf. Senthil Kumar, Executive Chef, and Karthik Gunasekharan, Executive Sous Chef, curated a hearty meal consisting of chutney, ghee pongal, sambar, medu vada, vada curry, semiya upma, and the sinful pradhaman. During our conversation, Chef Senthil drew attention to the pressing issue of food waste within the hospitality industry. He enlightened me about Hyatt's pioneering efforts to implement the "no buffet" concept, emphasising that this transition demands a fundamental shift in mindset, not only from hotels but also from individuals.

My dinner the day before leaving was at Hyatt Regency's The Ivory Club. The bar's ambience perfectly blends old-world charm with modern, eclectic interiors, making it a popular haunt among the city's youngsters. However, what truly sets this place apart are the signature cocktails expertly crafted by their skilled mixologists. Each sip is a journey through Kerala's rich flavours, blending local ingredients with international spirits to create unique and tantalising concoctions. I sat back, enjoyed the breeze, and let the exquisite flavours of Kerala wash over me in every sip. I experienced a perfect evening with signature cocktails and spicy colonial and Mediterranean nibbles.

Committed To Sustainability

Hyatt Regency Trivandrum has embraced sustainability as a core principle since its inception in November 2022. Beyond offering a haven of comfort for business travellers, the hotel's commitment to environmental consciousness is evident through various initiatives. These include a 300KW solar power plant, an electric vehicle charging station, and the city's first automated water bottling plant to reduce single-use plastic waste. They also recycle sewage water, employ energy-efficient technologies, and promote sustainable tourism practices. Hyatt Regency Trivandrum is a model of eco-friendly hospitality, combining luxury with a dedication to preserving and protecting the environment.

Things To Do In Thiruvananthapura

Thiruvananthapuram beckons you with its lush greenery, serene backwaters, and vibrant cultural heritage, promising an experience that will stay with you forever. If you are visiting the city, don't forget to add these to your itinerary. Visit the ancient Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, renowned for its intricate architecture and deep religious significance.

Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
Shree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Admire the stunning gopuram, sacred corridors, and the sanctum housing Lord Vishnu's Ananthasayanam idol. This revered symbol of spirituality and history welcomes devotees daily with a dress code: men in mundu and women in saree. You must take a tour of the grand Kuthira Malika Palace Museum. Adjacent to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the palace, known as the "Mansion of Horses," or "Horse Place," features 122 smiling horse carvings. Built by Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma, it houses the Palace Museum with Kathakali mannequins, mirrors, chandeliers, art, weapons, instruments, and thrones made of elephant tusks and Bohemian crystal. The first floor holds historic rooms, including Swathi Thirunal's meditation alcove and an illusion portrait.

If you want a dose of culture and retail therapy, visit the Handloom Palace. Here, you can browse a wide selection of traditional kasavu or mundu pieces with borders woven with very fine gold or silver threads on silk and cotton fabrics. These handloom textiles are made using traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations and involve hand-operated looms and intricate patterns.

A lady weaving the traditional kasavu
A lady weaving the traditional kasavu

Explore the backwaters of Poovar by taking a boat ride through its complex network of rivers, lakes, and canals. The backwaters are bordered by dense mangroves, providing a breathtaking natural landscape. You can also enjoy the beauty of the Neyyar River as it meets the Arabian Sea and unwind on its picturesque golden sand beach.

The backwaters of Poovar
The backwaters of Poovar

The Information

Location: Hyatt Regency Trivandrum, CV Raman Pillai Rd, DPI, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram

How to reach: Hyatt Regency Trivandrum, Kerala, is easily accessible from Trivandrum International Airport (6-7km) and Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station (3-4km). Travellers can reach the hotel conveniently by taxi or auto-rickshaw within 15-20 minutes from the airport and 10-15 minutes from the railway station.

Room tariff: INR 15000/night onwards

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