A Luxe Journey At The Iconic Lunuganga Estate In Sri Lanka

Nestled on the banks of Dedduwa Lake in Bentota, the Lunuganga estate is a testament to the unparalleled artistic prowess of prolific architect Geoffrey Bawa
The lounge area
The lounge areaTeardrop Hotels

Situated on the banks of Dedduwa Lake in Bentota in Sri Lanka, the Lunuganga Estate is a stunning example of the artistic brilliance of Geoffrey Bawa, an architect whose work played a significant role in shaping modern Asian architecture. The estate spans 15 acres and boasts magnificent landscaped gardens, wooded groves, captivating terraces, unique statues, and an infinity pool.

Gallery studio at Lunuganga Estate in Sri Lanka
Gallery studio at Lunuganga Estate in Sri LankaTeardrop Hotels

Lunuganga not only showcases the architectural marvels of Bawa, but it also invites guests to step into the three-bedroom haven of Ena de Silva, who was a good friend of Bawa. This house was commissioned by Ena in Colombo in 1962 and later relocated to Lunuganga in 2009. It encapsulates the essence of Bawa's work, being clean, modern, and yet traditional in its appeal. A journey through the magical gardens, adorned with captivating paintings and photographs, unveils the soulful allure of Ena's House.

Take a tour of Ena de Silva's three-bedroom home, a close friend of Bawa
Take a tour of Ena de Silva's three-bedroom home, a close friend of BawaTeardrop Hotels

Cinnamon Hill Retreat

Entrance to Cinnamon Hill retreat
Entrance to Cinnamon Hill retreatTeardrop Hotels

Located at the top of Cinnamon Hill is a beautiful retreat with two private guestrooms that offer a tranquil experience amidst luxury. This dwelling was constructed in the 1990s and is considered to be one of Bawa's final additions to his estate. The highlight of this retreat is a double-height loggia perfect for dining and entertaining.

The open-air bathrooms provide a tropical experience
The open-air bathrooms provide a tropical experience Teardrop Hotels

The Cinnamon Hill bedrooms feature king-sized beds, modern amenities, and open-air bathrooms that provide a tropical experience surrounded by nature. These rooms share a common entrance and are ideal for families or couples looking for a private and intimate escape, just 250 meters away from the main house.

Where Art And Nature Converge

Teardrop Hotels, under the auspices of the Geoffrey Bawa Trust, has curated an amazing itinerary to complement your stay at the beautiful estate. You can take a guided tour of the Lunuganga Gardens and embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting estate gardens.

The estate has an amazing variety of gardens
The estate has an amazing variety of gardensTeardrop Hotels

Witness Bawa's evolution as an artist as you explore Italian Renaissance gardens, English landscaping, Japanese garden art, and ancient Sri Lankan water gardens that blend seamlessly in this green calm oasis. This 40-year-old mecca for landscape design and architectural history promises a revelation with every step.

Some of the gardens have interesting works of art
Some of the gardens have interesting works of artTeardrop Hotels

Visit The Brief Gardens

Brief Gardens, the former country estate of Bevis Bawa, is a must-visit destination for those who love to explore. Bevis was a renowned landscape architect, and his estate is a haven for art lovers, with its collection of statues, antiques, and an outstanding mural that depicts Sri Lanka, created by Australian artist and friend Donald Friend. Friend resided in the estate for over six years, and his mural is truly exceptional. Take a leisurely stroll around the gardens, enjoy a cup of tea, and immerse yourself in the artistic legacy of Bevis.

An aerial view of the property
An aerial view of the propertyTeardrop Hotels

A Symphony of Flavours

Experience the diverse and vibrant tastes of Sri Lankan cuisine with a cooking demonstration by the chef of Lunuganga. Discover the art of cooking delicious curry dishes in traditional clay pots. You have the option to accompany the chef to the local markets in the morning to select fresh vegetables or simply enjoy a feast of the prepared meal, followed by a traditional Sri Lankan dessert.

Things To Do

Dedduwa Lake in Bentota
Dedduwa Lake in BentotaTeardrop Hotels

There are several immersive local experiences that the property offers its guests.

Exploring Ambalangoda: Located just a short five-minute drive from Lunuganga lies the town of Ambalangoda, which is renowned as the arts and crafts capital of Southern Sri Lanka. You can join the local artist Janaka and explore a sacred monastery that boasts ancient murals. Additionally, you can visit various artistic workshops that showcase traditional forms of art, such as batik, puppetry, and mask-making.

Traditional Puppet Play: Consider visiting a puppet art museum in Ambalangoda that provides insights into the rich storytelling tradition and history of puppetry. Experience an entertaining puppet show accompanied by folk music led by a fourth-generation puppeteer.

Take A Guided Tour Of Galle Fort

Discover the UNESCO Heritage site of Galle Fort and its neighboring archaeological sites. Take a stroll along the charming cobbled streets with knowledgeable guides who will share intriguing stories about the fort's vibrant history and modern-day lifestyle. Galle Fort is recognised as one of the most well-maintained forts in South Asia.

Encounter With Whales

For those who love nature, Lunuganga invites you to witness the majestic marine life in the seas south of Mirissa. Sail Lanka, in partnership with Teardrop Hotels, provides an unforgettable whale-watching experience on catamarans. You can spot a variety of whales such as Blue whales, Sperm whales, Bryde's whales, Killer whales, Spinner, and Bottlenose dolphins.

For a unique perspective, take to the skies with F-Airways, the exclusive operator of whale watching by air. A 3-seater plane offers an unobstructed view of the southern coast, allowing you to spot the whales and capture breathtaking aerial views of the pristine coastline, Dondra Lighthouse, and Galle Fort. This ensures a memorable experience that you will cherish forever.

About Teardrop Hotels

The estate lit up at night
The estate lit up at nightTeardrop Hotels

Lunuganga Estate in Bentota, Sri Lanka, used to be the private retreat of architect Geoffrey Bawa and is now part of the Teardrop Hotels group. From a 17th-century townhouse in the legendary Galle Fort to traditional tea planters’ bungalows high up in the hills, the Teardrop collection of beautifully renovated, historic properties are sewn together by three founding principles; genuine Sri Lankan hospitality; fabulous Sri Lankan and Asian fusion cuisine using locally sourced fresh ingredients; and experiences that put guests face to face with the warm and colourful sights and sounds of Sri Lanka, the teardrop island.

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