Premkunj: Where Love Meets Luxury

At a time when homestays are becoming increasingly popular, Premkunj in Udaipur is an irresistible option for tourists of all hues
Courtyard of Premkunj
Courtyard of PremkunjAr. Gitesh Gupta - Studio BluOra

Located about 9 kilometres from the City Centre of Udaipur, in the village of Upli Badi in Rajasthan, the luxury boutique homestay is set in over two acres of land near the picturesque Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The serene and beautiful Aravali is just the backdrop for a relaxing and opulent retreat. The beautiful landscape is truly mesmerising, and the luxurious surroundings of the homestay offer the opportunity to savour nature at its best.

Main entrance of Premkunj
Main entrance of PremkunjAr. Gitesh Gupta - Studio BluOra

The ambience of the homestay, with a blend of heritage and nature, makes tourists savour every moment of their stay. The bright and inviting entrance area, the tastefully decorated lounge, and the lush nature—there is much to captivate visitors from the very beginning.

The regal feel and the fusion of colonial and Indian styles elevate the homestay to a different class. The central courtyard and the corridors are the most striking aspects of the homestay that give it a special feel.

Corridor on the poolside
Corridor on the poolsideAr. Gitesh Gupta - Studio BluOra

The visionary man behind this grand venture, Bhupendra Singh Chundawat, is the famous founder of the homestay. His collection of art and artefacts, handpicked from all over the country over the last 17 years, also adds to the beauty of the place. It speaks volumes about his sense of aesthetics and his royal touch.

Bhupendra Singh hails from the royal family of Bassi in Chittorgarh but settled in the foothills of the Aravali Hills, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, to transform it into a home in a class of its own. The rest has to be seen to be believed—a unique experience amid nature that will inspire you.


Premkunj has eight well-appointed, luxurious and spacious guest suites that offer great comfort and feeling. All rooms are unique in terms of design and decoration. The attached bathrooms are modern, with the latest fittings and first-class facilities. The suites have everything you could want for privacy and a pleasant stay.

The rooms are also divided into two groups. One group is the ground floor suites overlooking the lush green garden and pool. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful and unforgettable stay. A walk is always possible if you feel like it.

One of the rooms 
on the ground floor
One of the rooms on the ground floorAr. Gitesh Gupta - Studio BluOra

Another category is the first-floor suites, which offer panoramic views of the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary, the rural surroundings, and the majestic Aravalis. Due to their location, these suites are called Mountain View Suites. You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of early morning and evening in the suite with a hot cup of coffee.

All the suites are equipped with all the amenities one would want, be it free Wi-Fi, a work desk, a tea/coffee maker, clean RO water, a walk-in wardrobe, and storage space for luggage. The rooms also have a minibar where you will find a selection of drinks.

Of course, the suites are air-conditioned and hot or cold water is available if necessary. Hairdryers and high-quality care products are available in the bathrooms.


Food is always important in any place you stay, especially on holiday. The air-conditioned dining room is available to guests if they wish to eat indoors. Still, chances are that the inviting ambience outside will tempt you to enjoy an al fresco experience.

You can order whatever you like. The chef will spoil you with his culinary skills and offer a range of delicacies—from local to continental to oriental dishes. If a guest has a special request, they can order that, too. The bar and lounge area provides the perfect setting for special moments with friends and family.

Explore More

The hospitality at Premkunj captivates guests, but there is plenty more to explore in the local area. You can stroll into the nearby areas to get a feel for the neighbourhood.

Sunrise walks and chai on the "Premkunj trail" are great attractions. The trail is known as the "Premkunj trail" because it starts at the entrance of the homestay. During the trek, you can take breathtaking photos. Bahubali Hill Trek is another attraction for tourists. There are also hiking trails.

A walk to a nearby village can give you a feel of the local culture and tradition. If you wish, you can also go cycling or swimming. There are also facilities for yoga and meditation, but you have to book in advance. You can spend quality time at Badi Lake and also go bird watching. Cultural evenings are also organised at the guests' request.

Udaipur, the city of lakes and often called the 'Venice of the East', is also not far away. At just 9 kilometres, you can visit the tourist places to see the beauty and royal splendour. The City Palace, Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Fateh Sagar and much more can make your trip an unforgettable experience. You should also not miss the colourful bazaars to buy souvenirs for your family and friends.

Part of lobby
Part of lobbyAr. Gitesh Gupta - Studio BluOra


This is one of Premkunj's strengths. The male and female staff are from the local community and cater to your needs. They are trained in Premkunj to fulfil the wishes of the guests. They are sober, helpful, and can win you over with warmth and promptness.

Premkunj has a strong connection with the local community. The nearby villages cater to local needs, especially for fresh produce. The locals also give guests an insight into their culture and traditions with art and music exhibitions.

The founder, Bhupendra Singh Chundawat, is there to meet and listen to the guests, as he wants to enrich Premkunj with diverse experiences. His touch counts, as the staff are also highly motivated. He strongly believes in the Atithi Devo Bhava concept and treats everyone with great respect and love. The guests much appreciate his cordial nature.

Therefore, it is unsurprising that the homestay soon became the place of his dreams and a destination for the guests. 

The Royal Touch

Bhupendra Singh 
Bhupendra Singh Chundawat,

Bhupendra Singh Chundawat, an avid traveller, always wanted to develop a world-class homestay from which guests could return with an unforgettable experience. The result was Premkunj after he found the right location in the picturesque foothills of the Aravalis. As he stood there, the wind blowing around him, the hills on all four sides, he knew that this was the place where his vision would be realised.

The location was perfect—nothing but the rustling of the leaves and birds chirping in the neighbourhood. The chance to observe wild animals in their natural habitat and not in cages. The freedom he felt when he escaped the cage of modern life. He then dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the development of the homestay—be it the decoration, the architecture, the garden or the collection of art and artefacts.

A structure began to form before his eyes, taking all the goodness of nature and adding a touch of luxury. Something that enhanced the relaxing mood and atmosphere of the place. What he imagined was brought to life by the skilful hands of the stonemasons. Premkunj was born in mid-2019, resulting from two years of labour and a lifetime of dreams.

Bhupendra Singh belongs to the royal family of Bassi near Chittorgarh, 150 kilometres from Udaipur. They have ruled this land for 500 years and bear the title 'Rawat'. His parents reside in the Bassi Fort, which the family still owns. The fort was built in the 16th century by Thakur Jaimal of the Sisodia dynasty, a distant cousin of Maharana Pratapji, the founder of the Bassi principality.

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