5 Homestays In Sikkim To Book For Your Summer Holidays

Immerse yourself in the serenity of ancient forests and breathtaking mountain vistas. Take leisurely strolls through the countryside and engage in authentic traditional rituals for a truly unforgettable experience
A road in Lachung town in Northeast Sikkim
A road in Lachung town in Northeast SikkimRudra Narayan Mitra/Shutterstock

So you are thinking of exploring the enchanting state of Sikkim in northeastern India, celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, cultural heritage, and diverse culinary traditions. Why not immerse yourself in a truly unique experience by choosing to stay at an exceptional homestay, where you can experience local culture, fresh local produce, and sustainable practices? Surrounded by ancient forests, and stunning mountain views, you'll have the opportunity to take leisurely walks in the countryside and even participate in some traditional rituals.

Bon Farmhouse

A homestay with rooms built of bamboo, woven reed, and wood
A homestay with rooms built of bamboo, woven reed, and wood@bon_farmhouse/Instagram

Kewzing village in Sikkim is surrounded by lush forests that are home to hundreds of different bird species and is sprinkled with stunning Buddhist monasteries. This home with rooms built of bamboo, woven reed, and wood is nestled among acres of vegetable farms, tea plantations, and cardamom trees. The homestay provides guests with an immersive Sikkimese village experience by allowing them to participate in farming activities. Guests can also sample the organic farm's food, which includes grains, millets, fruits, veggies, and spices. Traditional Sikkimese cuisine is offered at the farmhouse, which uses farm products as well as natural delicacies foraged from the nearby forests such as bamboo shoots, ferns, mushrooms, and nettles. Find more info here.

Address: Bonfarmhouse, below Kewzing Gumpa P/O Kewzing Baazar Kewzing, Village, Ravangla, Sikkim 737139

Mayallyang Home Stay

From stunning views to local food, a stay here is memorable
From stunning views to local food, a stay here is memorable @nomadicshoes/Instagram

Located just 70 km from Gangtok, Dzongu offers a picturesque landscape with majestic mountains, lush forests, and charming villages. In Passingdang Village, you'll find Mayal Lyang, a homestay that provides an authentic experience of Lepcha village life. Meaning "hidden land" or "land blessed by God" in the Lepcha language, Mayal Lyang is a true reflection of its name. This traditional homestay with wooden floors offers five comfortable rooms to guests. While there are no attached toilets, this is in line with Lepcha tradition. Guests can enjoy guided hikes through fields and forests, bird watching, and angling, with the option of overnight camping by the riverside. The farm at Mayal Lyang provides most of the ingredients, ensuring that guests can savour dishes made with locally foraged produce, reflecting the significance of foraging in Lepcha culture and cuisine. Find more info here.

Address: GGH7+F9R, Passingdang, U.Dzongu, Sikkim 737116

Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse

The property has been in the family since the 18th century
The property has been in the family since the 18th century@biksthangheritagefarmhouse/Instagram

The Biksthang Heritage Farmhouse is dedicated to preserving acres of lush green farmlands that remain untouched by human habitation. Fourteen generations of the family have lived here, and the original house built by Sharkahlon Tshering Thondup, a prominent minister in the 18th century, still stands today. The current generation has transformed the ancestral property into a modern resort. The property offers private cottages spread across the farm of over 25 acres, each with its own pathway over a cobbled footpath. Guests can enjoy stunning views as the property faces Ghangchhen mZho Nga (Khangchendzogna), the guardian deity of Sikkim, which is represented by the five peaks of Mt Khangchendzogna, Mt Gabur Gangtsen (Kabru), Mt Pandim, Mt Narsing, and Mt Simvo. Biksthang, located at an altitude of about 4100 feet, is a well-known birdwatching hotspot. Its pristine wilderness and pleasant climate offer a serene environment well-suited to avid nature lovers. Find more info here.

Address: Biksthang, Sikkim, 737121


There are plenty of touristy places in Sikkim, but if you are looking for something off the beaten track, head out to the town of Ravangla. Located between Maenam and Tedong Hill in South Sikkim, at an elevation of 7,000 feet, Ravangla (also known as Ravongla) is dotted with picturesque villages and offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas. With the gigantic Khanchengdzonga a backdrop to this pretty town, Ravangla acts like a gateway to sites in South Sikkim. If you are looking for immersive local experiences, then one of the best places to stay here is Wanganay. Close to Ravangla town, the owners make you feel part of the family. After all, Wanganay means "please come in" in Rai dialect. The food comprises local dishes including millet rotis and chutneys made of local wild ferns and flowers. From here, you can trek to Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the Red Panda and the Himalayan black bear. Visit the Lepcha and Bhutia settlements of Tinkitam, Barfung, and Kewzing. Bring your binoculars because the region is a birdwatcher's heaven. Find more info here.

Address: Selep Busty, Ravangla, Sikkim 737139

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