4 Travel Platforms for a Safe Holiday

Planning a holiday but unsure about where to stay Here are four travel platforms that are providing a hygienic and safe travel experience
Zostel Shangarh
Zostel Shangarh

With India unlocking itself gradually and tourist destinations opening up, people have started to travel (or make plans to do that). However, it is safe and conscious travel that people are opting for in terms of hygiene and safety.

We have listed down four travel platforms that are providing hygienic and safe travel experiences. Go to these platforms, plan your trip, and do not forget to follow all the safety guidelines.

Zostel, a community-led experience-driven ecosystem, has resumed operations in almost all the properties following stringent safety guidelines. The brand has also launched a new ZostelX Home in Shangarh to offer new and exciting options to travellers embarking on their post-lockdown plans. A socially responsible brand is exercising a slew of these counter precautions to avoid any possible threats of contamination within the hostel premises.

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The staff has been instructed to practice utmost care and caution with all the materials and human touchpoints. This includes sanitising and washing of all cooking ingredients and utensils that are used in the kitchen. There have been strict mandates for cleanliness enforced across all Zostel sites with hostels and homes undergoing extensive cleaning and sanitation as per the methods and materials recommended by the WHO.

Gostops hostels have been completely transformed for your stay amidst the pandemic. They are vibrant and vivid stay options. Each hostel has a bunch of cute little nooks and corners where you can hang out with people you&rsquove just met, or just lay low by yourself. It&rsquos totally your call.

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And if you&rsquod like to head out and see the city, they&rsquove got you covered there as well with walking tours, events and activities that&rsquoll have you Instagramming every moment. Also, they have extremely cute pets. From frequent fumigation of rooms/common areas to dividers in the common rooms, all precautionary measures are being taken to ensure that you stay safe.
Saffron Stays
Saffron Stays have started contactless check-ins and ensure that they keep a sufficient gap between two bookings. They also have trained caretakers, along with frequent sanitisation and temperature checks that ensure that you are safe while enjoying your stay. The brand discovers and unlock only the best private homes so that guests may never tire from decision fatigue and yet can take short getaways despite their busy schedules.

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The guarantee of having a private pool as opposed to sharing one with fifty other guests, or the choice of playing board games in a capacious living room, rather than meeting in a hotel lobby is what we promise our guests
Lohono Stays

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Lohono Stays by Isprava has been created to craft contemporary, luxury vacations for discerning travellers. Lohono is derived from the Hawaiian word 'lono' which has associations of relaxation, music and peace. The company gives a deeper meaning to luxury vacations through opulent homes and meaningful experiences.

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