Drenched in Grandeur

The Umed Bhawan Palace in Kota is deep rooted in history with a chic vibe
The beautifully lit Umed Bhawan Palace
The beautifully lit Umed Bhawan Palace

Amid the chaos of high-end hotels in Kota, WelcomHeritage Umed Bhawan Palace&mdashin pink sandstone&mdashis an escape into the heyday of royalty. Designed by Sir Swinton Jacob on the orders of Maharaja Umed Singh, it is a fine blend of Victorian and Rajput architecture. Its lush lawns, sprawling courtyards, picturesque ceilings, and marble corridors are as though living a regal dream. Look out for the hunting trophies along with exquisite royal heirlooms on display here. 

A Resplendent Affair 

The hotel offers 32 rooms, ranging from deluxe rooms to royal and presidential suites. The opulent rooms&mdashfacing the central lawn&mdashretain an old-world charm while being equipped with modern amenities. 

Stroke it like Reyes

Unwind at the billiards room with some good ol&rsquo jazz, while the animal trophies from a bygone era serve as a loyal audience.&nbspA mini-bar can be set up in the room upon request.


Nerd it out at the Brij Vilas palace Government Museum, which displays an exquisite range of rare and ancient sculptures, miniature paintings and arms. Stroll around the Kishore Sagar Lake and explore the Seven Wonders Park at dusk. Visit the nearby Ratan Sev in Nayapura to savour piping hot kachoris

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