McLeodganj Pink House

You will find all pantone colours adorning the walls of the Pink House in Mcleodganj
McLeodganj Pink House
McLeodganj Pink House

Pink is a tough colour to like, undeniably. However, spurts of pink, elegantly spread over this property, stand out because of its unapologetically painted walls. I had reached half-way on the longest flight of staircase I know in Mcleodganj, diverting downwards from the Jogiwara Road towards the valley. I paused to catch my breath. As my eyes wandered the landscape, I was amused by a board that signalled towards the Pink House.

I peeped into the narrow alley-way and saw some striking graffiti on the wall. I was welcomed by a contemplative monkey-its headphones plugged in-looking over a couple of younglings flying kites. Drawn in, I walked ahead and saw the facade of 2 storeys covered in abstract monochrome sketches on an acceptably pink washed wall. Another wall had a camera in monochrome pointing at me and this change in angle from the recent selfie business was quite welcome.

A 180 degree turn on my heel and the view changed to a maze like design, painted on a wall as high as 3 storeys accompanied by the sketch of a man who has a television for a head.

On the left, a woman is painted in sunset colours donning an Indian aesthetic, informing me, Reception Roof pe hai Jaaneman (reception is on the roof, darling).

After taking the cue, I take the stairs. A wave of colours welcomes me, quite literally. Except the floor, the ceiling and walls are painted. Edvard Munchs famous The Scream is painted on the wall opposite to the reception. In this version of the scream, the painter of this wall takes the mood of the painting far from dreadful and depressing-as it is in the original. In fact, the character with his mouth agape in The Scream has company this time around Its a man with hexagonal limb structure who has a fire extinguisher for a head. Oh, and funny teeth too.

The property similarly greets you with endless paintings. Not a second in this property can be boring. All rooms have painted walls. Even the walls next to the staircase and well, the windows are glass coloured too. Its a celebration of another kind, perpetual in this case. Its as though Im vacationing with the winking woman who leads me as I climb the staircase, a deer drawn out in triangles huddled together and our planetary system marked out in greying mauve.

The Pink House Caf has made low seating arrangement with painted tyres piled on each other. I treat myself to some ginger lemon honey tea, Kashmiri Kawa and a nutella pancake along with their breakfast combo as I enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Bhagsu road and many other twirling into the valley in the towering mountains of Mcleodganj before me.

The Information

LocationJogiwara Road, Opp. Yongling School, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

AccommodationAC room- single & double occupancy, Non AC room- single & double occupancy

TariffRs2000-3000 for AC rooms and Rs 1000-2000 for Non AC cost varies depending on size of the room and amenities provided (can be customized)

Contact011 3050 6162 (for reservation and more information)

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