The Great Escape

Amid the bucolic woods, this luxury property is an escape into the wilderness
The luxury tent at the property
The luxury tent at the property

I try to make myself comfortable in a coracle and can&rsquot help but notice the unusual mist over the Kabini River this morning. It&rsquos the perfect day to spot the rare, elusive black panther, I&rsquom told. I try and pay attention to the jungle calls&mdash something that I&rsquove learnt in the past two days at the KAAV Safari Lodge&mdashbut fail as soon as I spot the green bee eater. 

Sharing a boundary with the Nagarhole National Park, KAAV is an escape&mdashinto the wilderness, and from the madness. Done tastefully and in harmony with nature, the safari lodge is one of a kind. Its accommodation units perfectly balance your privacy while making sure you have visual access to the jungle. And for a fuller view, the observation deck is only a staircase away. 

Twenty-four hours in a day seem less when you are at KAAV, and there is a constant internal conflict&mdashwhether to simply snooze around or engage in a series of activities that the lodge has to offer. I somehow manage to find the near- perfect balance, or so I&rsquod like to assume. 

As opposed to a grand entrance that one might expect, a narrow rustic path and two furry friends greet all guests here. At KAAV, luxury and day-to-day operations work in sync with environmental consciousness and sustainability. 

As for the meals, they are fairly simple, comforting and wholesome, with most raw ingredients sourced from the villages nearby. Owing to COVID, the buffet has been done away with, but the individual servings make for a colourful delight on your plate. Although not one with a sweet tooth, I do shyly help myself to another dessert serving, as I overlook the jungle and continue to be wooed by its mysticism. 

Pro Tip Activities at KAAV range from nature walks, tiny safaris, sky gazing and wildlife safaris in the Nagarhole National Park to barbeque and bonfires, kayaking, cycling and riverside dining. You can plan your day at a pace you&rsquore comfortable with. 

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