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Need a vacation inspired by Netflix's The Crown We've got you covered
Live like the Queen on your next holiday
Live like the Queen on your next holiday

We&rsquove seen it, binged it and obsessed over it, and now it is time to live it. Netflix&rsquos extremely popular The Crown chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, her country and her family. Subtle, gripping and powerful, the narrative is splendid and lavish, bringing to light a tradition that is as intriguing as it is, perhaps, dated. We look at the lavish costumes and sets, and it all makes us wish for a royal vacation. While it may be too early to watch the whole series again, it is the perfect time to visit the United Kingdom and see the gorgeous settings for yourself. 

Buckingham Palace 

We can&rsquot imagine a show about the royal family that doesn&rsquot feature their home and we can&rsquot imagine a trip to London without a visit to the Buckingham Palace. Much like the other royal households, the palace was also off the limits for filming the show. See if you can manage to time your visit with the Changing of Guard Ceremony. 

Aberfan Memorial Garden

The Crown&rsquos third episode may focus on the infamous delay by Queen Elizabeth II in visiting Aberfan after the disaster in 1966 (the shot at the end of the episode with a lone tear on the Queen&rsquos face is splendid). However, it also manages to strike true and hard at the crux of the tragedy - of the loss of 116 children and the neglect that led to it. In recent years, the Aberfan Memorial Garden has received a renovation, the garden a place of peace for some reflection. The memorial garden is a must-visit an honest ode to history. 

Caernarfon Castle, Wales

The new season is about the heir apparent as much as it is about the Queen. A tour of the Caernarfon Castle in Wales is just we need to relive the investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales in 1969. One of the most spectacular castles in the country, the structure sits near River Seoint and the Menai Strait. Tall and looming, its towers overlook the island of Anglesey.  

Windsor Castle

The most interesting bits of the show seems to take place at the Windsor Castle. Located in Berkshire, it seems to be the Queen&rsquos favourite on and off the show. The castle is known as one of the oldest and longest-occupied castles ever and is open to tourists. Parts of the castle remain closed when the royal family is visiting, but the rest is open for close inspection. 

St Paul's Cathedral

The St Paul&rsquos Cathedral has been the backdrop to many historic events and was also the place where Prime Minister Winston Churchill&rsquos funeral was held in 1965. Located in central London, its gorgeous dome is an important addition to the city&rsquos skyline and a beeline for most tourists to follow. Sheathed in white, it is magnificent with over 300 monuments inside the cathedral.

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