Travel Without A Visa To These Beautiful International Destinations

Planning a trip abroad Skip the wait and head straight to these picturesque locales
Travel Without A Visa To These Beautiful International Destinations
Travel Without A Visa To These Beautiful International Destinations

Travelling abroad is fun and can introduce you to a new way of life. But planning does not even encompass half of the excitement you feel when choosing your getaway destination. Getting your visa is probably the worst part&ndasha long-drawn and tiring procedure awaits before your passport gets stamped. However, let that not stop you from visiting any country other than your own. There are several countries where you can travel without falling prey to any such arduous formalities. All you&rsquove got to do is get your bags ready and sunnies out. 

Trinidad and Tobago 

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is an island country nestled in the Caribbean and features pristine beaches and verdant landscapes. Indians can travel here for 90 days without a visa. 


Mauritius has everything, whether you are an adventure junkie, nature lover or a leisure-seeker. Brimming with tropical rainforests and surrounded by azure waters, it paints a breathtaking picture from anywhere you stand. For Indian travellers travelling for 90 days, a visa is not required. 


The stunning beachy paradise is also known as the &lsquogarden of Eden&rsquo for all the right reasons. Take in the blissful sights of the turquoise blue sea and immerse yourself in the luxurious experiences presented by all the resorts on your visit here. Indians do not require a visa if their plans don&rsquot extend the 90-day mark. 


Cambodia fits the bill perfectly if your travels are centred around food and history. The charming city has many ancient sites you can visit, in perfect contrast to the colourful streets and buzzing nightlife. Also, Cambodian food is unparalleled Indians can get a visa on arrival, valid for 30 days. 


Dominica is another beautiful Caribbean nation, which means more beaches, sun, and tropical magic. But that&rsquos not all&ndashmany quaint cafes and restaurants line the golden shores&ndashfusing the best of nature and city life. Indians can visit without a visa for up to 6 months. 

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