10 Picturesque Christmas Destinations Around The World

Thinking of spending Christmas in a picture-postcard place These are some of the best places in the world to experience the yuletide spirit.
Christmas ornaments in Midtown Manhattan
Christmas ornaments in Midtown Manhattan

Jingle bells, dancing spells, the lights are everywhere. Oh what fun it is to ride for Christmas here and there But songs aside, if you&rsquore looking for the perfect instagrammable destination to spend Christmas this year, we have a list that might just make your decision a whole lot easier. After all, it is the most magical time of year

New York City

Bryant Park, the Rockefeller Center, Dyker Heights - while there certainly isn&rsquot a dearth of places to be in New York City during Christmas, walk around Fifth Avenue and check out the decorated storefront windows for a holiday vibe.

Salzburg, Austria

Christmas time is nothing short of a visual treat in Salzburg with its glittering festive markets. And don&rsquot forget to start at the very beginning on the Sound of Music trail while you&rsquore at it

Park Street, Kolkata

Probably one of the best places to experience Christmas in India is Park Street in Kolkata. The street is an eclectic mix of LED light decorations and a traditional Christmas vibe. Visit Allen Park for a Christmas carnival, but be warned, it sure gets crowded

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

If the Santa Claus Village and the home of Father Christmas is enough Christmas magic for you, we&rsquoll just throw in the northern lights and see what happens.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Longing for a white Christmas, we might just miss the joy of summer. But worry not. Queenstown is the perfect blend of warm weather and festive spirit

Quebec City, Canada

A walk through the German Christmas Market in Quebec City is a must for every glittering Christmas adventure. Stroll through the kiosks and pick up little trinkets under the twinkling lights life truly feels like a Christmas miracle.


The Yuletide cheer is best experienced in Gardens By The Bay in Singapore. Complete with caroling under the stars and even &ldquosnow,&rdquo you don&rsquot have to leave this tropical place for merriment in white.

Copenhagen, Denmark

From Christmas markets to ice skating, fairytale castles to hot saunas, Christmas in Copenhagen is a merry blend of it all, shining bright for you and all

Dubai, UAE

Just like everything else in this emirate, Christmas too is over the top. This sunny Christmas day beckons you with food, fair and festivities in the busting metropolis. If you&rsquore in the mood for snow, Ski Dubai is right around the corner

Bethlehem, West Bank

There&rsquos no Christmas more special than the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Visit the Church of Nativity for the midnight mass, or experience the Old City transformed in merriment. And with an amazingly diverse demographic, Christmas is celebrated even in the first week of January

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